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Double Spiral

Not my most impresive work; But the first stepping stone to learning how to make Kleinian groups.

Whats a Kleinian group? Check out this site - [link]

The book I'm working through is "Indra's Pearls". [link]
Not the most difficult math; but involves indepht study of complex numbers and matricies.

If you don't want to try and write your own scripts maybe you want to check out this program: [link]

I haven't tried it yet. That would be cheating.

Scripted and rendered in POVRAY. (Not the easiest thing because I had to write my own subroutines to handel complex numbers and matricies...)

.... ENJOY
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Great work, Kleinian groups are fascinating. :)
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Thank You, and thanks for the +fav

I'm still experimenting...
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You're welcome, I'm looking forward to more. I'm just starting to learn some programming, I'd like to try this sort of thing eventually but I have a long way to go first. ;)
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Wow, can't believe that more ppl haven't commented on this!!! It's just a gorgeous mesmerizing sight! :D
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Sorry I didn't get back to ya sooner; But Thank you very much...
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Hey, that's amazing!! I might check out the "cheat site". Its not beneath me. :D The reflections are great. I like the way you've got the whole thing reflected on the tops of the spheres.
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I've been tempted to try Swirlique myself. Only $30!

Did you check out the other link to Jos Leys site? [link] That is some truely AMAZING stuff! What I can't figure out is he uses UltraFractal to calculate and generate his stuff. UltraFractal is a great program; I've messed around with it. It can handel complex numbers and marices without any extra programming; but how do you place a sphere in 3D space in UltrFractal?
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"only" $30? i'm increasingly getting into the idea of selling some (flexible) fractal rendering software! in my honest opinion all such software should be free, since it's not really that complicated, but it's hard to be the only fool not making money when there's money to be made ;P

i've ordered indra's pearls and look forward to the maths mostly, but definitely also the fantastic images i'll be able to produce!
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I emailed you today with a few things I found this weekend on Indra's Pearls.
Talk to ya there...
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Mr. Swirlique has a bunch of fun stuff. Now I know where to get new toys. :D
I've seen Jos Ley's site before, the guy's a genius. All I know is that you can write formulas for Ultra Fractal, and there are tons of public ones out there. This guy writes his own formulas, and that's all I know. :)
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