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Now as a tribute I present the literary concept of "Starship Troopers" before being a cult film or animated series, at the beginning it was a novel written in 1959 by "Robert Heinlein" who with controversial themes for his time he examines war as a necessary means for the survival of human civilization in the future. (Accused of Nazi, fascist, racist and pre-military for his novel, he nevertheless won several awards that gave rise to the literary genre of "Military Science Fiction.")
🎼 www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1K-IF… (for the fallen in Buenos Aires)
"Starship Troopers" is a story that tells a galactic war conflict between 2 intelligent species; On the one hand we have the humanity of the earth that in the midst of its expansion of conquest meets the strange organisms called "bugs" (racist connotation before a kind of name "uropigy"), not understanding the intentions of the "bugs ”Or to be able to resort to diplomatic dialogue for a healthy coexistence; Humanity and the United Nations declare war on the "critters" for the galactic dominance of the Federation "FAF". (In retaliation against humanity the "uropigy" send an asteroid directed against the earth that destroys and massacres the city of Buenos Aires Argentina).
With the war declared by both sides, the human infantry squads invade the first planet of the "bugs" who were already waiting for them in a counterattack on the surface of planet "P". With the landing of the troops comes our protagonist called "Jhon Rico" an Argentine who seeks revenge for his family murdered in the attack, that day began an endless war against the "bugs". 🐜🐛
🎼 www.youtube.com/watch?v=r68zFk… (if they saw the 1999 animated series called chronicles in one chapter they say that the "bugs" were expanding through a universe unknown to humanity. Maybe with millions of reinforcements ...) 
The "Arachnid Warriors" are described as a species of millions of intelligent insects with 4 meters high by 5 meters wide armored by their exoskeleton and scythe-shaped pincers that "gut" their human enemies; Adapted to space survival they are the first line of infantry that has no Ego or fear of death. Despite their primitive appearance, they are gifted with technological prowess and a variety of aggressive caste-divided warriors who defend the colonies on each planet they infest. "Robert Heinlein" stated that the "uropigy" were seen by humanity as inferior beings lacking a mind or soul of their own, so killing them was not much different from stepping on an ant. According to this theory, the only probable result of humanity contacting an alien species absent of morals similar to its own would only result in an all-out war. (Although the bugs appear to be the enemies, they are actually only defending themselves against humanity.) 
As a curious fact, the "Arachnids" from "Starship Troopers" inspired the concept of the "Zergs" from "Starcraft" with whom they share a similar idea in defense of their swarm or Queen.
It also shares a military rule with "Warhammer 40k" where women can only have permission to become mothers upon turning 30 and serving in the military in defense of their home planet "Service grants citizenship." (Most end up as pilots or technical assistance with a few exceptions within the battlefields.)
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something about it is just gravytatting me tuords it

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Thats one for 2020 Apocalypse Bingo
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Ahh the Arachnids. Loved the first movie, the animated series, and the roleplay books that managed to blend them together. Nicely done!

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Damn cute bugo…