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Yeah, I really hate banding. Need to figure out how to reduce it. Maybe it's only my display which is pretty much cheapest display one can find. Also I would not mind if we would go from 8bits/channel to higher color depths. It was something like late 90's when 16 million colors came and we're still pretty much stuck in same shit. Also the regular desktop displays are stuck in 1080p mode, while pads etc go already around 300ppi. Maybe some 4K's are coming in next year but probably costs more than one can afford and sizes go from 27"+. I really like 20-24" range for desktop.
Things are starting to move at nice pace. Apartment is almost filled with everything I need. Now I just need to improve speed and quality on my images :)
Yep, getting apartment. Hopefully moving in within this very week. :)
Still no new apartment. Maybe some day. Hard to do anything while everything is scattered around places. Anyway I'm feeling good and working on new picture request. It's starting to look nice :)
Now I have no permanent apartment at all, since my longtime relationship ended (14years). She decided to give me really nice birthday present and told she don't want to be with me anymore and basically kicked me out. (Not that it had anything to do with a new man she found). I'm currently seeking new apartment and some money from social welfare. Until then I'm staying at my moms place for now - thanks mom :)  Hopefully everything sorts out nicely sooner than later. Maybe I'll even finish new picture I was working earlier two weeks ago.
Well more than year since my last journal. I've gotten active on artistic stuff again (as was planned in previous entry). Personal life is purely fucked up, but maybe it'll get better too. Hopefully I'll be able to do pictures a bit faster as well, in upcoming times.
Okay, few years break, not big deal. Time to get active again :)