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The Mopar Night Drag by JSMRACECAR03 The Mopar Night Drag by JSMRACECAR03
Something that me and my friend KRT5567 were doing just for fun in Forza horizon 3 and while he was away to do something I couldnt help but to take a pics of two of the most poplar muscle cars that gained more from movies and TV shows like the charger being the General Lee (even though that whole controversy over the flag happened because of that damn idiot in the shootout and posing the flag and all that bullshit and surprisingly banned Dukes of Hazard even though the show is all about Keeping heritage of land from an greedy/corrupted town mayor named Boss Hogg and a bumbling police officer Roscoe P Coltrane trying to bust the Duke family to use the land for what J.D Hogg would do to that land while helping, caring for others and having fun while helping and foiling Boss's plans) and the Challenger from Vanishing point, 2 Fast 2 Furious and the original Gone in 60 seconds named "Jill" (the one used in that one was a 70 modified to look like a 73 Challenger and i obviously did Jill in this pic X3) but other then telling you guys about some of the history of two things and how the pic was made I hope you enjoy it ^w^
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August 2, 2017
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