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Starbuster's NSX+Happy Birthday! by JSMRACECAR03 Starbuster's NSX+Happy Birthday! by JSMRACECAR03
It was abit tricky to find the right choice of vehicle for Dema but I know I made thr right choice ^^ anyways this is a B-Day gift for my friend :iconarichistarbuster: and if i were to give alittle fic on the car it'll be short but HEre WE GO!

Reed was having a chat with one of Dema's sister Sunny and she gave a small info on Reed about Dema's Birthday and as soon as Reed hears it and coming very close, he excuses himself and then goes off to search for a car that Dema would love, he also has some help with his GF Ellie on finding the vehicle and about a few minutes later they stumble appon the 2003 Honda NSX that was abandoned. So they brought the car to the police station, gave a report that the car is clean and will be given to them them if the owner doesnt get the car 24 hours later and the next day they see the car still there and Reed gets the keys to the car and brings it to a custom shop to make the paintjob fit for Dema, tinting the window and tuning the engine to her liking and new rims. After they finish the car up and the day has come they brought the car to Dema's place covered, ellie and Reed awaits for Dema as the Breeze sisters brought her outside in excitement

The NSX belongs to Honda/Acura

Horizon 3 belongs to Turn 10 and Playground games

Used Xbox one capture belongs to Microsoft

screenshot by me
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June 11, 2017
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