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WXDataWeather 2.1 by jsmorley WXDataWeather 2.1 by jsmorley
Requires the latest Rainmeter 3.3 or later from

Displays the current weather conditions and forecasts for today and tomorrow.

This uses the data from the WXData feed from

Your weather location code and unit of measure are in

Unit of measure can be changed by selecting "Change to Fahrenheit" or "Change to Celsius" from the skin context menu

You can search for and set a location code by selecting "Choose location code" from the skin context menu

This skin includes a include file, which has regular expressions for virtually every useful field from the entire 6-day feed. This can be used to make creating your own skins for this feed a lot more simple.

Edit: Version 1.1 fixes a bug with the transition from "day" to "night" values.
Edit: Version 1.2 replaces the weather icons with ones tweaked by SilverAzide to be more accurate for
Edit: Version 1.3 adds an alert icon if your location has any severe weather alerts
Edit: Version 1.4 adds a tooltip with the text of any severe weather alerts
Edit: Version 2.0 adds the WXDataLocation skin to choose a city location code
Edit: Version 2.1 makes some minor changes to the skin context menu
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Humbrd Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2017
How/where can I download this skin?
MudkipBaws Featured By Owner May 17, 2017
Skin doesn't seem to work anymore, what a shame.
Hoboguy45 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2017
I'm not sure what's causing it, but it appears as though the current conditions do not work for my area, it only started not working today. I'm using the area code ASXX0079. It seems as though everything before sunrise, is not displaying. Any ideas on the issue?
yavuzbora Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017
Thanks very good
Juzzylp Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2017
is there anyway of changing the images? i have a skyrim theme and would like to change the "sun" and "moon" images to the skyrim ones. help pleasE?!
kyriakos098 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2017
Sure, Ctrl+LeftClick on the skin, click on WXDataWeather and then resources/Images/TWCIcons and your can change what you like. Make sure to use the same name for example 0.png
otherwise the image won't display.
Leonid1 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2016
Is it possible, forecast also for the day after tomorrow?
jsmorley Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2016
There seems to currently (Sept 7, 2016) be a problem with the location database on the end. 

Without being entirely sure, the problem SEEMS to be that the values retrieved at the "observation stations", where the weather is actually collected, are not being propagated out to the various location codes that are supported by the station.

The way works(ed) is that there are just a billion location codes, so you can ask for the weather in your very specific location. However, that is more or less a "feel good" thing. doesn't actually have a weather collection station set up in your piss-ant little neighborhood, but uses one somewhere nearby, and shares that data with all the granular location codes around it. 

So for instance, I use "Fort Hunt, VA" (USVA0944) in my skin, but that really uses the observation station of "Fort Belvoir, VA" (USVA0282). The Fort Hunt location is no longer found as of yesterday, but if I change to the Fort Belvoir code, it works fine. Since they are the same values of course, it really doesn't matter.

Can't tell you how to approach this, since if your skin is failing, you can't see what it was using as the "observation station" (<obst>) before. All I can suggest is to try larger towns or areas near you, until you find one that works.

Hopefully this is a short-term issue, and at some point they will straighten it out...
Novadestin Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2016
Thank you for sharing this; I was wondering why my weather skin had stopped working, but I couldn't find an answer anywhere - everyone was stuck on the old issue of "just change the url to wxdata...".
djspinn747 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2016
Azuledos Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2016
Feed data only seems to refresh only a few times a day.  How can I force the feed data to refresh for current temperatures?
FonZ56 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2016
Thanks for this very useful skin. I'd like to put the name of the tomorrow day in my language, can you explain to me what to modify? I've already managed to change the url as you've explained.
Thank you in advance.
kloetpatra Featured By Owner May 26, 2016
Actually it's quite simple! Just add in WXDataWeather.ini in the section [WeatherParent] to the keyword URL: "&locale=de" or whatever your country is.
For example:…

Preview (I made some other modifications too):
supriokundu Featured By Owner May 25, 2016
Thank you very much for this skin. I want to inform you that I've created my own Skin here, partially based on your skin. So some of the credits goes to you as the original creator.
InfinitelyStark Featured By Owner May 16, 2016
Not sure why I'm having this problem, but any weather skin I use for rainmeter does not display any information whatsoever? including this one... I've tried everything I could find on the forums and suggestions made in the descriptions, but no matter what I try it won't work... I've uninstalled and reinstalled, both rainmeter and the skin... I've replaced code, I've refreshed the clean and changed copies... running windows 7, any help would be appreicated...
Jerrycakes Featured By Owner May 15, 2016
Thank you!  Have been using Rainmeter for years and have been disappointed that the Tango skin seems to keep getting broken.  This will do quite nicely.
manifikat Featured By Owner Edited May 15, 2016
Could you please add the possibility to change time format (12/24h) and language settings file ?

Thank you for your work :-)
kloetpatra Featured By Owner May 26, 2016
Actually it's quite simple! Just add in WXDataWeather.ini in the section [WeatherParent] to the keyword URL: "&locale=de" or whatever your country is.
For example:…

Preview (I made some other modifications too):
glest-omega Featured By Owner May 15, 2016
I tried to look into this, but I don't think it's easily done. The API that is used to access weather data only gives times in the 12 hour format. I can't find documentation for this API, so can't say if there's some option to change that. Perhaps not a public API? Could quickly throw together a program to convert the dates and have it be called by the rainmeter widget, but somehow I don't think many people want to be downloading foreign exes...
Bru-Boy Featured By Owner May 15, 2016
Nice! how do I add other locations?
PHowell1980 Featured By Owner May 13, 2016
Very Cool! Is it possible to add additional days to the display so you could see 2 or more days ahead?
Chaela911 Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
this is awesome!  thanks for this :)
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