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Skin to display and control a USB drive. Simply edit the .ini to change the variable "Drive=" to your desired drive letter and refresh.

Left click will browse the device in Windows Explorer, middle click will safely eject the device using the included USB Disk Ejector utility from here: [link]

Requires the latest Rainmeter 2.2 r1078 beta or better available at [link]
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hello, how can i adjust the length of the skin please?

and also change the display GB used instead of percentage, since there is a bar display usage.


This is nice, however it is impractical to configure one for each drive letter. What if a new USB stick is loaded with a new drive letter? It would be useful to have it detect any drive other than the ones loaded with the PC, or even better, the ones connected trough a USB port.
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wow the program is exactly what ive been looking for! thanks for uploading!
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To make the utility disappear when the usb isnt connect do the following:
-Add Hidden=1 to the following Meters:


-Now go to the lua script and replace all the SKIN:Bang under the if statement with:
SKIN:Bang('!SetOption MeterDriveImage ImageTint 170,170,170,255')
SKIN:Bang('!SetOption MeterDriveLetter FontColor 170,170,170,255')
SKIN:Bang('!SetOption MeterDriveImage ToolTipText ""')
SKIN:Bang('!HideMeter MeterDriveBarBack')
SKIN:Bang('!HideMeter MeterDriveBar')
SKIN:Bang('!HideMeter MeterPercent')
SKIN:Bang('!HideMeter MeterRemoved')
SKIN:Bang('!HideMeter MeterDriveLetter')
SKIN:Bang('!HideMeter MeterDriveImage')

-Finally replace all the SKIN:Bangs under the else with this:
SKIN:Bang('!SetOption MeterDriveImage ImageTint '..sImageTint)
SKIN:Bang('!SetOption MeterDriveLetter FontColor '..sFontColor)
SKIN:Bang('!SetOption MeterDriveImage ToolTipText \"Total Space:  '..round(iTotal,2)..' GB#CRLF#Free Space:  '..round(iFree,2)..' GB#CRLF#Used Space:  '..round(iUsed,2)..' GB#CRLF##CRLF#Left click to browse#CRLF#Middle click to eject\"')
SKIN:Bang('!ShowMeter MeterDriveBarBack')
SKIN:Bang('!ShowMeter MeterDriveBar')
SKIN:Bang('!ShowMeter MeterTrueCrypt')
SKIN:Bang('!ShowMeter MeterPercent')
SKIN:Bang('!ShowMeter MeterBack')
SKIN:Bang('!ShowMeter MeterDriveLetter')
SKIN:Bang('!ShowMeter MeterDriveImage')
SKIN:Bang('!HideMeter MeterRemoved')

save both documents and refresh your skin

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Same question from me - is there a way to make this utility appear only when a USB drive is connected?

I'm basically just repeating other people's questions in the hope that you'll get tired of the notifications and decide to answer us.

Neat little utility!

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I have the same question as DeusInDaemone and aust00. But this skin is very sexy.
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great, but I have same question as ~aust00
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Would be nice if you could make one for multiple drives mate - in this day and age we often use more than one :)
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You can just create two or more of the skins...

C:\Users\YourName\My Documents\Rainmeter\Skins
-- USBDrives\
--- DriveF\
---- DriveF.ini
--- DriveG\
---- DriveG.ini

Just change the drive letter being managed in each, and load the ones you want.
great work! btw, any way to make it completely invisible skin when no usb device is connected?
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I'm liking this :D nice work.
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Nice, I've been looking for this :3
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