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SketchyWeather August 4, 2020

Three-day weather skin using data from the JSON API.

Please read to see how to set your Latitude / Longitude, Units of Measure, and Language.
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Can you please help me with this issue?


Looks great, easy to set-up. Thanx !

muy bonito y todo, pero ¿cómo le cambio la ubicación?

Dale click en el icono (el sol o las nubes) le das click en "Edit Weather Variables". Y ahí te dice que hacer, está en inglés pero lo traduci con google y se entendió perfectamente las indicaciones

Great weather skin. Thanks. Is it possible to scale down the size of the whole skin?

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Using it! thank you so much! nice explenation in the variables file as well. I´ve never got a weather skin to work before xD

Same issue here.

How to change location name?

Thanks! very nice!

click on the icon (sun or what ever) click "Edit Weather Variables". Then do as it says

Great job mate .Everything running perfect

how can I change the value of Fahrenheit to Celsius?

in the variables file there are three settings for measurements, you need to change units from farenheit (e) to metric (m) its two thirds down the file

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I was wondering how to change the color of this awesome widget?

get to it's @resources folder, copy one of the folders and change it's HUE, Saturation and brightnes in photoshop or any other photo editing software

Pardon my noobness, but where the *(#$&(#* is "" lol

Figured it out.

What do I do if my Lat and Log give Weather, but not the location? I am Switzerland.

Awesome skin! Is there any way to easily resize?

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