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NetworkPanel 1.0

Network Information with a slide-out WiFi panel if WiFi is detected.

See to set important variables!

Right-click skin for more options.

Requires Rainmeter 4.0 or later.
Requires Windows 10.
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I really love the simplicity of this, but I'd prefer it the other way around -- show wifi by default, and up/down on mouseover.
Is that doable? 
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look for a [BackgroundMouseOver] and reverse the Stop and Execute so on the MouseOverAction, instead of Stop 2 and Execute 1, it would be Stop 1 and Execute 2 and reverse the MouseLeaveAction too

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neat and clean, simple. Love it. Thank you for this! :D
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This is gorgeous.  Really gives me an idea to use as a modern and clean replacement for SysInternal's BGInfo, for putting all the network client's with the lan ip and info for remote support.

No possibility to use this with Windows 7 or 8?
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I think you could, If I remember right, the only thing that won't work correctly is a link to the network settings in Windows, which are different in Windows 10. You could see if there is a Windows 7 command that could replace it.