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LuaTorrent 3.1.2

* Updated for uTorrent 3.1.2 or better.
* Fixes a problem with the size of the background if you have more than five torrents going.

I wanted a uTorrent skin that would properly adjust the display based on adding / removing torrents, shutting down uTorrent.exe, etc. and the Lua scripting capability of Rainmeter was just what the doctor ordered...

First, you must have the latest 2.2 or better of Rainmeter from [link]

You must have uTorrent 3.1.2 or better installed. This skin does not support earlier versions. A previous version of LuaTorrent that supports uTorrent 2.x is here: [link]

In the skin folder (\Skins\LuaTorrent3.1) you will find some Help(x).jpg images that will help you set up uTorrent and the skin. You must enable WebUI in uTorrent and put the settings you used in the [Variables] section of the skin. You don't need to do anything with the .lua script, it is ready to go.

Make the required changes for User/Password/Port in LuaTorrent3.1.ini and refresh the skin.

The skin displays up to 5 torrents, with a tooltip to display the full name when truncated. The interface will adjust properly depending on how many torrents you have in uTorrent. If none, or if uTorrent.exe is not running, the interface will roll up to just a single bar and be out of your way. In fact, if uTorrent.exe is not running, the Lua script will disable all measures so the skin uses virtually zero resources until needed.
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super skin well done
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funciona perfectoLove Love Rainmeter 4.3 y uTorrent 3.5.4
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Not working with Rainmeter v4.
it doesn't work for me. I did everything that i did in the help yet it doesn't work. Can it be that my utorrent is cracked?
HOW TO USE!!!!! NOT WORKING!!!!!!!!!
i edited everything but its not working... i have utorrent 3.4.7. when i try to go ti utorrent url myself it says invalid request. it also removes the username and password itself in chrome! and changes the link!!!!
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I can't get this to work with 3.12 no matter what I do.. all directions followed to a 'T' . Does not work
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Well, for me it doesn't anyway, as it does seems to work for many others.
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Can you have uTorrent 2.2 version for rainmeter?
Is it possible to do this with bittorrent instead? 
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Jeffrey thank you
I learned to program in lua by example LuaTorrent 3.1.2 a few days.
Your application is very well structured and I trained by modifying parameters, here is a modified and translated into French…
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Is there any way to make it ignore stopped torrents, and only monitor active ones?
I don't clear my torrents out when they finish, and it looks like this monitor just grabs them at random...
Based on what is shown in the last 5 torrents on skin?
When i get new torrent, sometimes don't see on the skin.I don't know why

What set in lua file,
If i want to add to the order in which the files show ?

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jsmorley the link for older utorrent version 2.x appears dead. please help.
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Do you have a version that works with the best version of utorrent ver 2.2.1? I cant stand the 3+ versions.
Looks great.
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bad argument #1 to 'gsub'

i have this ??
5yNt3t1K's avatar
very nice i will test it ! thanks
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Is it possible to get this for BitTorrent instead?
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can you make it so that force start gets detected?
tyilmazdogan's avatar
thx, working great
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Thank you so much for this! Love it! (:
The help images truly helped out.
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for some reason it only shows me one torrent. i have the latest rainmeter and utorrent, any idea what might be wrong? i really like this skin, so any help would be very apreciated
xR4nD0mx3m0x's avatar
Nice work :D

It works perfectly even tho an ETA would be awesome :P
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is this compatible with Vuze?
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