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LargeCleanWeather August 4, 2020

Three-day weather skin using data from the JSON API.

Please read to see how to set your Latitude / Longitude, Units of Measure, and Language.
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Gracias muy bueno

Very nice. Trying to move it to the left side of my screen. It leaves a significant gap from the edge of the screen. Any ideas?

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Looks great, good job

Really nice, helpful hints in the setup so I can easily adjust to see the weather for my location in the UK. Thanks

@CouchMountain ... My bad ... Here's the metadata from both skin.. The serenity isn't working automatically but the one by jsmorley (rainmeter developer) works automatically.


The following is the metadata from the JSMorley skin

Author=JSMorley, Original skin by Shivaism


The following is the metadata from the Serenity skin

; Rainmeter configuration file

; Updated July 25, 2009

; By Jeffrey Morley

; Modified by Shiva


Author=Jeffrey Morley, modified by Shiva

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I do not check this with the weather. I don't understand and can't find it !!

I'm using this - all works but the Temperature is not displaying? Any idea?

- UPDATE - working fine - wasn't running most current version of Rainmeter.

Thanks, it works...

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nice dude, simplistic as most of prefer. Not sure why creators start putting times dates in to there skins when we have that information on desktop already.

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so very nice!!!!

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Thanks you very much . Good job.

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