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OK the photostory is completed now. It is meant to be enigmatic and, as usual, I think that it is better to come up with your own interpretation. However, since people asked for my own storyline, here it is. Again, only read it after you've had a look at all the pics.

What is the floating cube? Basically, it's a representation of her fears, past life, and say, "worries". The story is a flash back that shows how she tried to hide from her past but came back to it. When she met someone, she left her worries behind... but she couldn't really put them out of her mind. So, she finally shared them with her lover... and he became part of them, or "worries" himself.

Hope this is somehow clear, it's not meant to be translated into words anyway :)

The title is a reference to the cube, "lithos" means stone in greek, and the single cube is a kind of mono-lithos / monolith. The Japanese subtitle monorishikkuheddo means Monolithic head - which becomes obvious on pic #10.

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beautiful series,..makes me wanna have my own series, with me on the photos :D