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ecarus - fake logo



I'm getting lots of requests for designing custom logos. Please note that I'm a professional graphic designer (yes, I make a living out of it). If you want to commission me for designing a logo, your budget must be at least 700 USD as a bare minimum. Final price will depend on your project.

This wasn't commissioned by a client, so it's just a fake logo.
I wanted to give a try at this "glossy colorful" look that many designers seem to enjoy these days. It's pretty easy to create and IMHO doesn't always work quite well for a logo because the shapes aren't simple to convert to a B&W icon.

Needless to say that this will look kitschy in 5 to 10 years ;)

Well, nonetheless, I'll add this to my portfolio... You know, when a client will ask "Can you do this?" I will answer "Yes, I can"... and explain the limitations of this design right afterthen ;)

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