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Hello my friends,
It's been a long time since I've posted something on DA... I'm super excited to present you KITAKU, my latest photoseries! You can see more images on my website…

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Always enjoy the thought that goes into your stories -- later days 
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Thank you! It's funny because this person really took the pose himself, I didn't ask for anything ;)
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What great framing! And the umbrella provides a perfect focal point so the subject isn't lost in the detail!
Amazing pic!
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Thanks a lot! This guy was actually posing for his girlfriend, so I very quickly grabbed this shot before it was too late ;)
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Way to capture the moment! :D
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;) that was fun!
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Over the years your creative concepts have always inspired me Jean Sébastien Love ....u are 'one of a kind'  Thumbs Up !!!
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Ooh, thank you Bernie, I'm touched :nod:
I've stopped creating photos regularly as before to focus on better photo-locations during my trips.

On the other side, I've spent much more time creating music than before ;)

What about you? Any projects?
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I just checked out that section of your website, cool tunes :excited:
"soon" has some great sounds :)  Clap 
visuals + music you got a complete package :happybounce: 
u r amazing !!!
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Thank you ;) I've been trained to music when I was a kid, this helped ;)
I'm very glad that you've enjoyed "soon". I'm currently preparing more ambient music with a different approach (modular synth) which also blend with field-recorded sounds. It's a great way to keep on being inspired by my trips ;)
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Au plaisir de vous revoir par ici, voisin :)
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J'avoue ne pas être très présent ;) Merci !
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