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Red fairy

By JSModeling
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hope you like her.
Original, epoxi, 25 cm aprox.
Resin wings
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Yes, I like her, very nicely done !
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Tus trabajos son geniales!!! yo quisiera preguntarte como es el proceso para hacer las alas con resina?? yo tengo resina liquida y el acelerador pero no tengo idea de como usar los elementos ( inútil total!!!) .Sino es problema, podrías decirme por favor como puedo hacerlas?gracias
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what a beautiful pic, nice work!
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wow love those wings :)
sneakyfetusprod's avatar
Beautiful, and while inspired by froud, that is completely your own!
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Hola que bakn que tengan cuanta aca po, esa hada la lleva me encanta...dew
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esta escultura es increíble! Parece una hadita de verdad y todo! Eres genial :hug:
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I love your style! especially the hooded eyelids , face and her elongated legs.Very Froudian. may I ask how you make those wings? They are really unusual.
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I make them with resin, i got a mold.... they are very fragil, need wire inside them.
Froud is my inspiration, the original is like a siren, got no wings or legs in froud design.
im a frAud, i cant do anything mine these days....
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Yes I saw resin. I cast in resin myself but never such a thin thing. Is it textured on both sides? How did you get wire inside?

I love Froud too. Alot of peopel are inspired by him. Like he is the grandaddy of fairies!

If you want a diffenrt style that will develop over time.
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they are textured just in one side, i put the wire (very thin) inside the texture the wing has, so it doesnt see, before i drop the resin. Is a very simple mold...
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I see. I think I can do something similar,but make my own mold for a diffenrt design. You can also add color so that would be an interesting method! Thank you for sharing I might try this becasue my clay wings are easy to break!
JSModeling's avatar
Try it!!! im sure you can improve the technique... im making a japanese fairy, im gonna try with colors.... i use them for my dolls already!
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I am terrible at wings ,but Ill give it a shot. This might be a simpler way.
Theres all kinds of things you could put in the resin too.Dried plant etc.
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You can mix it with nail paintings did you see? to get them nacre(is that well wrote?) specially.
the fluorecent inks are great too. Resin is so good with lights , is refractory... i got a friend who make resin fluo lamps, with dark lights, so beautifull. You got to try.
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This is neat! :P

I want it ;)
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Thanks... shes flying somewhere i hope. free as a bird.....
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That certainly sounds nice... wish I could fly. ;)
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beautifully done, I'm looking for one to go with some carved mushrooms some friends gave me for Christmas!
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Beautiful! I think I recognize the inspiration for her from one of Froud's books :D
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Yes you right, i have this book and is the most inspirating work i ever see on fairys...
My gift for myself in Christmas was the book The Dark Cristal from Froud too......
HarleyQuinn1121's avatar
He is truly one of the most inspiring artists I have ever seen, and I draw a lot of influence from his work. I have a ton of his books. I recently got the Dark Crystal one aswell. His Labyrinth inspired one is also amazing.
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