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Wolverines Look Sharp

Wolverine design for Project Rooftop. I wasn't sure about the colors so I did four possible scheme, but finally I chose the first one I did, the blue and gold one.

Hope you dig it.
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These are awesome designs. I love the Movie costume influence here.
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reminds me of the morrison era look, very slick. i think i like the brown, but i can see why you went with the other.
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That's because I love the Morrison era. Indeed, I was thinking to send the black-gold costume and not the Blue-gold one...

But in the end, I decided to trust my first feeling.
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me too dude, i wish they hadn't went so far to erase it all though. wheedon's astonishing and pak's pheonix: endsong were the only ones to pick up the dangling threads...that being said, i did miss the costumes about halfway through, your piece is a good compromise.
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I have mixed feelings with Whedon's Astonishing. When it stared it was really good but finally I feel like it didn't take off. It could have been so much better...

Anyway, It was better than the other titles we could read at the time but...

I would have liked to see what Morrison had in mind after Here Comes Tomorrow. I remember an interview where he talk about it...

Here it is! [link]

X-MEN FOREVER written by Grant Morrison NOW!!
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believe it or not i'm kind of excited about claremont' xmen forever, probably just nostalgia, but i still think he's the only writer who writes storm well.
i kind of liked mike carey's xmen run, with the mostly villain team, brubaker's uncanny was unusually weak though. havent tried any xmen since then had to slash my comic budget
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Me too, I'm looking forward to read X-men forever but I don't actually hope too much...

About X-men, I stopped reading X-men two issues after Grant Morrison left and already then, I wasnt reading Uncanny nor X-treme, so I totally left Xavier's apart from Astonishing X-men. Then, I started reading Carey and I feel he's Morrison's heir, at least before X-men Legacy. Now it's a totally different thing.

I couldn't stand Brubaker's uncanny. IMHO, it feels too long and uninspired. With Fraction on duty, in SF... It's kind of strange cause it seems like he is ignoring the House of M but at the same time trying to fix it, playing with some Morrison ideas... which seems out place since Quesada destroy any fun with his magic idea "No More Mutants"...
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HATED the way house of M screwed the mutant world. it's funny cause i thought it was bad for the xmen, but sort of interesting for avengers, go figure. Haven't read any of Fraction's run, but i hear good things (no money for comics..) agreed about Carey, his run is the only time i've liked Sabertooth and Mystique as xmen. I liked Juggernaut in Uncanny, but everything else Austin came up with sucked.
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