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I love this picture. The fact that you were able to use so many different colors like that and make it work means you really understand value. As long as the value of the lights and shadows matches that of the inherent value of the color or how much pressure you are putting on the pencil, it almost doesn't matter what colors you use. For instance you have a dark green underneath the eye where it is darker and light green and yellow where the cheek bone protrudes out. That is a lesson that unfortunately, took me many years to learn with colored pencils and you have mastered it here in this drawing. Great job!
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I just went to that magazine's website and wow. Caravaggio and Da Vinci would be rolling in their graves if they saw the modern art sh** promoted as great art today. The least talented people associated with Art Forum Magazine are the modern artists. It's the reviewers who actually have a small amount of talent, because they can dress up a turd and give the illusion that there is some profoundly philosophical meaning behind art that most preschoolers with glue and pop sickle sticks in their craft class could put shame. 
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 Another thing you need to realize is that the goal of political correctness ultimately seeks to deduce all human beings to rootless cogs in the global shopping mall. Capitalism benefits from the politically correct left. The corporate left's real agenda (financed by leftist venture capitalists billionaires like George Soros) is to make us EQUAL and interchangeable consumers. Ultimately, the left serve the corporations as useful idiots. Being against racism, sexism, and homophobia are definitely noble causes, but ultimately the elite will always find a way to co-opt movements for their own purposes. 
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Let me elaborate, so that you don't think I'm some kind of sexist pig. As I said in my other post, political correctness, is being pushed by the elites because it further divides us, not because they actually care about women's rights or racism. I'm half asleep now so I can go into this further, but whatever literature you get most of your information, whether it's the Huffington post, or the NY times or whatever, do simple google searches, and you will find which billion dollar corporation owns them, and ultimately which billionaire sociopath owns the corporation. The elite men's club is happy to let women and minorities into it, if they are also power-hungry sociopaths as well. Look at Condoleessa Rice, Colan Powell. Hillary Clinton, who will most likely be our next president, is a product of the, i believe, American Enterprise Institute, I think that's it, which cranks out a never ending supply of corporate puppet war mongering sociopaths.  As George Carlin said, what liberals need to realize is that labels divide us not unite us, so we need less labels not more. RIP George.
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You actually believe there is one effective political party to choose from!?!? Wow, you have such deep insights into politics, sociology, and psychology, but I'm afraid you've swallowed a little bit of the cool aid as well. The democratic party and the Republican Party are almost one in the same. They're both controlled by the same bankers and corporations. Obama's biggest campaign contributors were Goldman Sachs. You can even listen to liberal broadcasts like Democracy Now , Obama also appoints oil men, banksters, former multimillionaire CEOs, and various other sociopaths to his "regulatory" committees, just like Bush, Clinton, Reagan etc. He signed the National Defense Authorization Act, which basically began where Bush's Patriot Act left off. Obama can basically arrest any American Citizen, give no reason, and chain them in a dungeon for the rest of their lives because of the NDAA. Obama started (at least) two new wars. Clinton, along with Britain, put sanctions on Iraq in the 90's which killed 500,000 children (from starvation and disease), while Iraq posed no threat to America. Wake up, my friend. You've also drank the cool aid on political correctness too. Do you think the billionaires who own the media actually care about gay rights, racism, and feminism. Think again. There are many reasons these billionaires are pushing PC, but one of them is to divide us so we hate each other and are not focused on them, the .01%. I mean watch MSNBC, it is now basically the liberal version of Fox News.  A white person says something racist and it's a national media sensation, meanwhile, in Southern California, racist Hispanic gangs are systematically removing black families from their neighborhoods with violence and murder and it gets absolutely no news coverage. This is purposeful. Remember, White and Jewish billionaires (who are most likely racist, sexist, and homophobic themselves) are the ones deciding what gets covered in the media. You have masterfully examined and exposed the sociopaths of the corporate right, now take a good look at the sociopaths of the corporate left.
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