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Public Speaking :iconllywenlla:Llywenlla 1 0
there is no middle name
you make me violent and electric, tipping my head back and opening my mouth with yours - oh, god - against the front door, you made my knees buckle, my toes ache and stretch and my teeth hurt with the beauty of your kiss.
you make me quake and tremble, working your hands over my shoulders and turning me to your chest, sliding me against the countertop and working my lips with your tongue, breathing my air like it's all you need to live.
you make me small and quiet, ripping through me like a storm, my own guardian angel come to avenge me and hoping i'm worth it, your nails digging into my hips, feeling the arch of my back and wetness of tears capsized.
you are wild and stern, and i am clay between your fingers, molten and unable to resist, moth-flames drawn like your bedroom curtains. if i am your sin then you are my salvation and the afterlife will be glorious, if it is not black and white.
:iconllywenlla:Llywenlla 3 1
i howl your glory
oh, fates -
he calls to me, his sand-sugar hair and eyes lighter and holier than mine own call as splendour to my soul.
he quenches my thirst, his laughter slakes my lust.
he holds the fragments of my being in his careful, caring hands
he makes me weep with his goodness, traps my smile in the corners of his own.
he stands like an angel aflame. my sentinel; my sword and shield.
gabriel burning. he shines like a goodly sun, burns my sin away to dust.
he does not realise me, nor how i need him.
let him glow like the thousand suns he sets under my skin, his face too close and breath too warm to swallow.
i love him and lose him with every breath i take, every wish i blow, shrug i fake -
he seems to see right through.
diamond studded shards embed my breast
so beautiful that the spools of fiction weave themselves around him.
but he is too terribly glorious
to be anything
but real.
:iconllywenlla:Llywenlla 1 0
If I was a better person I’d probably not
about my boss being dispatched
by the four
horsemen of the apocalypse, Sam Hill
come to claim his due.
Stirred by the sacrifice
of my white teeth:
coffee stained and looking a little used.
If I was a better person I’d probably not
about my wants, twist the knife only to
snatch back the words
before they fall out
of my mouth, cosmetics collecting
in the corners
of my lips,
wine-lined and feeling a little empty.
If I was a better person I’d probably not
to try and make things better. Fix you breakfast and
scramble my sense of normalcy.
Tiptoeing Janus-like through life
hating my shadows and my scars
The loathsome parts of me,
soulless and tasting a little bitter.
If I was a better person I’d probably
let you go.
Sentence myself to solitary.
And deal with my demons
:iconllywenlla:Llywenlla 3 1




John Senff
United Kingdom
The perceptive ones who might find themselves on my page, for whatever reason, may notice a distinct lack of, well, anything on here.

I can explain, honest.

This page is pretty much purely for my own friend-stalking purposes.  People I know who actually have talent in some artistic areas have accounts on here, and having an account just makes it easier to browse :)

Plus, there is a huge amount of excellent stuff on here, and I'd just be sad if I missed every *single* piece of it.

As to why I'm here, right now- well, I currently have a thesis being written- due in 2 days.  And what better things to do instead of write it, than fill time wherever I can?  On the bright side, it's pretty much done (hooray for me).

Anyway, that was pretty much all I have to say.

Oh, if you are some random who is reading this, check out this chick's stuff- it's pretty good :)



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ClawInitiate Featured By Owner May 8, 2011  Student Writer
Huh, welcome dude. Good times to be found here, as well you know!