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Embers by jsdragon56 Embers :iconjsdragon56:jsdragon56 4 0 Ali and Buddy at the Beach by jsdragon56 Ali and Buddy at the Beach :iconjsdragon56:jsdragon56 3 0 Alieca's Gown by jsdragon56 Alieca's Gown :iconjsdragon56:jsdragon56 4 0
Buddy, the Wayward Moonkin
He opens his eyes for the first time. He’s in an egg, his own world. It’s small, just enough room to wiggle around in. It’s nice, warm, comfortable, and safe. He is content, for a time. As he sits there, he wiggles now and then. It seems every time he does, the sound of a bunch of hooting, and howling, and chirping can be heard through the eggshell. He wonders if he’ll ever see what’s making all the sounds. He hopes so, because they sound friendly. One day he is trying to listen to the hooting, but it doesn’t sound right. He wiggles to try and hear better, but discovers something terrifying! His world is shrinking! (Or he’s growing, not too sure). He doesn’t know what to do! As he panics, he notices something else. It’s getting colder in here! All of a sudden, the loudest noise in the world echo’s through his egg! His whole world is turned upside down! Then back over, then upside down, then upright, and then it’s on its
:iconjsdragon56:jsdragon56 1 0
The Reluctant Worgen Pt2
It’s been just over two months since Priestess of the Moon Alathea returned to Darnassus with Alieca, the worgen woman that she saved. When High Priestess Tyrande said it would be difficult to help the woman, she had no idea how right she was. Alieca is an eight year old girl thrown into a twenty year old woman’s body. Even though she remembers the basics of life, such as walking and talking, she has no memories from her past. The only reason she knows what her name is, is that she was told what it was. Teaching her about her new body was a challenge for both Alathea and Alieca. The fact that she was flung into an adult’s body was one thing, but teaching Alieca about her worgen side was completely different. Thankfully, Alathea had the aid of the druids to teach Alieca a method to shift her forms. One fateful evening, Alathea is visited by High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind.
“Ishnu’alah, High Priestess. I trust this day sees you well.” Alathea bows b
:iconjsdragon56:jsdragon56 2 1
The Reluctant Worgen Pt1
In a quiet corner of the Northern Headlands, in the lands of Gilneas, sits a quiet apple orchard. It was small in size, but still worthy of a stall in the city marketplace. Every harvest a man, his wife, son, and daughter would be there with bushels of bright red apples. The family would always offer a smile, even when asked about the rumors of strange beasts roaming the wilds they call home. They would just shake their heads, calling them silly stories, and offer a free sample of their crop. They would leave the market with coin enough to buy supplies ample enough to last the coldest of winters, and still buy a treat for the children. But one year, the family never arrived, and was never seen again.
Priestess Alathea sighs, “Thank you soldier. That will be all.” The worgen warrior stands to attention and gives a salute before returning to his post.
“Another wonderful lead hmm?” a gruff voice asks.
The priestess rubs her forehead. “Ever
:iconjsdragon56:jsdragon56 2 1
Stray Nose Hair
Stray nose hair, stray nose hair,
Why must you be there?
You tickle my nostril, causing me to sneeze,
why can't you leave me be, pretty please?
It wouldn't be so bad, if you weren't easy to see,
but there you are, causing people to laugh at me.
So sadly, this just wont do,
I must, get rid of you.
I grab the tweezers, and pluck away,
but still my stray little nose hair, you sit there and stay
I pluck and I pull, you must go away.
My sweet little nose hair, you must obey
With one final tug, pain abound,
my stray little nose hair, drifts to the ground.
With a sigh of release, I can sit here at ease,
and talk to you happily, not afraid to sneeze.
:iconjsdragon56:jsdragon56 1 0
Tau Broadside Battlesuit Team by jsdragon56 Tau Broadside Battlesuit Team :iconjsdragon56:jsdragon56 0 0 Tau Marker Drones by jsdragon56 Tau Marker Drones :iconjsdragon56:jsdragon56 0 0 Tau Kroot Having a Snack by jsdragon56 Tau Kroot Having a Snack :iconjsdragon56:jsdragon56 0 1 Tau Kroot Squad by jsdragon56 Tau Kroot Squad :iconjsdragon56:jsdragon56 1 0 Tau Firewarrior Squad by jsdragon56 Tau Firewarrior Squad :iconjsdragon56:jsdragon56 1 0 Tau Battlesuit Team by jsdragon56 Tau Battlesuit Team :iconjsdragon56:jsdragon56 0 0 Tau Stealth Team by jsdragon56 Tau Stealth Team :iconjsdragon56:jsdragon56 0 0 My Tau Battlesuit Commander by jsdragon56 My Tau Battlesuit Commander :iconjsdragon56:jsdragon56 0 0
Another Year
Another year past, much time has been lost.
Many new lives come, so many old ones gone.
Another step closer to the end,
where we'll all find peace in oblivion.
Things may change, things may not.
Forever as long as wealth is sought.
Just remember to be strong and true,
and this life you will see it through.
:iconjsdragon56:jsdragon56 0 0


ranger girl outfits by Ithilloth ranger girl outfits :iconithilloth:Ithilloth 891 83 Worgen Druid (Collab) by Yakovlev-vad Worgen Druid (Collab) :iconyakovlev-vad:Yakovlev-vad 1,330 83 Chibi Ali and Buddy by MixiSelim Chibi Ali and Buddy :iconmixiselim:MixiSelim 6 0 Worgen Noises by dreamwildart Worgen Noises :icondreamwildart:dreamwildart 13 0 Alieca Wind-Dancer by Wertgard Alieca Wind-Dancer :iconwertgard:Wertgard 24 3 Happy Halloween 2018 by A-BlueDeer Happy Halloween 2018 :icona-bluedeer:A-BlueDeer 328 8 Second commission for RenoHidaka by A-BlueDeer Second commission for RenoHidaka :icona-bluedeer:A-BlueDeer 300 8 Fan Art - Aponi Brightmane by LadyRosse Fan Art - Aponi Brightmane :iconladyrosse:LadyRosse 56 8 comission- Kiala by calisto-lynn comission- Kiala :iconcalisto-lynn:calisto-lynn 226 16 MFS 6, MechaGodzilla, Monsterverse inspired by eatalllot MFS 6, MechaGodzilla, Monsterverse inspired :iconeatalllot:eatalllot 1,762 181 Mekanic - Dva / Brigitte by vashperado Mekanic - Dva / Brigitte :iconvashperado:vashperado 8,010 462 Snow Dragon of Skyrim by saltso Snow Dragon of Skyrim :iconsaltso:saltso 9 1 Windwalker monk dress by Tekrelm Windwalker monk dress :icontekrelm:Tekrelm 5 0 WoW - Zandalari Traditional Dress by TaraOBerry WoW - Zandalari Traditional Dress :icontaraoberry:TaraOBerry 17 0 Lithendris Ball Gown by KirshiVanilla Lithendris Ball Gown :iconkirshivanilla:KirshiVanilla 42 11 Gala Layla by Lady-Elizriel Gala Layla :iconlady-elizriel:Lady-Elizriel 41 4


The destruction of Teldrasil was a turning point in many people's lives. In the aftermath, Moon Priestess Alieca Wind-Dancer tries to come to terms with what happened, and recover from the fires.

Alieca is my World of Warcraft character on the Wyrmrest Accord RP server. A special thanks to all the players on the server who helped build the inspiration for this story.

Preview art by me.
Alieca's Gown
Priestess Alieca Wind-Dancer heard about this lovely gala hosted by the wonderful Faebelina and just had to go. Sadly, none of her family could join her, but she's not going to let that stop her from meeting new people and having a good time.

This was my first try at drawing digitally. I definitely need more practice, and a better program, but I like to think that it's a good start. Thank you Faeb for inspiring me to try!


Josh Slyford


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