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Seven Lonely Lies

By Jscenery
Latest one. Share your thoughts !
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Well, maybe people could say it's a cliche, but then... this is not Earth. I'd love to see two moons, but sadly, we only have one! ;)
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True :) Would love to have more interesting stuff on our sky :) !
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Wow, this is hood! ;D

Do you know how I can make sceneries like this in Terragen? I've looked out an infinite amount of tutorials, but they're never as realistic as an actual scene. Do you think you can help me out? ;) :)
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Well if you got any questions, ask em :) I'll help you as much as i can.
I help people, i don't hold their hands when they draw, but i can point the direction where to go :) !
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Thanks! :)

Well, do you mind showing me how to create a realistic landscape like that? Mine aren't the most realistic, I wan't to get a better one. lol ;)
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Thoses lights give a great impact !
Beautiful scene.
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Thank you so much ! Respect :) !
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I am glad you do !
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This has been featured [link]
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I don't care if it's CG... that's freakin AWESOME!
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Glad to hear that ! :)) CHEERS FRIEND !
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Another "made of awesome" picture. Who cares if you think it was "no imagination." That's what others here on the site are here to do: to inspire us to make creations of our own. Heck, one of the pics that I made for here was a pretty good copy off of a concept another person did. I just wanted to see if I could do it. ;) I think that's the biggest reason to do art. To see how much you really can do.
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Thanks a lot friend ! Respect ! :)
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yes.. :( Bad habbit.
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It is a very nice image, well done. :D
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Thaaanks ! :) respect !
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You're welcome :D
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I think it turned out very well, not cliche at all.
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