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Picturing The Past

By Jscenery
Hiya guys.

This one was pretty fun and challenging to work with.
I hope that you guys like it !

Tweaking : 5h
Render : 15h
Photoshopping : 2h
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InTheStarryNightSky's avatar
A lovely piece. Wonderful job.
Jscenery's avatar
Glad you like it my friend :) !!
kkkrypto's avatar
So Beautiful..Great:)
Jscenery's avatar
Thanks thanks thanks ^,^
Puppykit's avatar
:star: Featured in my poll journal here: [link] :star:
Jscenery's avatar
Thanks a lot !
Haylizbeth's avatar
Beautiful job! Very peaceful looking. :)
Jscenery's avatar
Lovely :) Thanks !
Haylizbeth's avatar
Your welcome. :D
Dobizobi's avatar
wow wow wow... amazing man!!!
Jscenery's avatar
Thanks thanks thanks ! :)
mpdman's avatar
Onnea dd:stä. Tosi hieno galleria muutenkin, mukavaa nähdä lahjakkaita suomalaisia täällä :D
Jscenery's avatar
Kiitos kiitos paljon ! Arvostan !
losromanos's avatar
Jscenery's avatar
Thanks thanks thanks !
losromanos's avatar
you are welcome :)
iytj's avatar
fantastic work!
Jscenery's avatar
Sorry for late reply. :) Thanks a lot from comment ! Respect that !
iytj's avatar
no problem!you're very welcome!=D
Wolverica's avatar
Onpas upea järvimaisema =) Väritkin ovat kohdallaan ja tykkään myös hohtavasta kuusta. Hieno tunnelma tässä.
Jscenery's avatar
:) Kiva kuulla ! Kiitoksia tosi paljon ! Mukava saada vähän suomalaistakin kommenttia täällä !
ValencyGraphics's avatar
AH-mazing. Love the depth and color. Absolutely stunning. Only thing that I might be concerned about is the water looks a bit pixelated. I know that you were achieving that "rippled" look, but I think a lake would be just a bit more calm. What do you think?
Jscenery's avatar
Im not so sure tbh. Since if the lake had reflective and calm look, it would be too much of a eye catcher in my honest opinnion. Id rather let peeps focus on planet and lightning. :) Thanks for comment friend !
Mizuno-Pandamanda's avatar
The *stare*
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