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Hello !
This is my first proper project with Marmoset Toolbag 4.
Oh boy am i impressed with this new iteration of toolbag.
All but skin is texture entirely inside Toolbag 4 !

Drop a comment if you have the time ! 

More views of this model at: My Artstation

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I love it. I have used Toolbag 3 on and off, and in a very limited capacity to check my textures and normals. This new version however, looks really cool. I like that I can take my exports from Substance and do even more texturing after the fact.

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The new one is just pure awesomeness ! I never really thought how much i needed the ability for example to paint my roughness maps straight to my model in my final rendering solution. But here we are, and i wouldn't change it for the world. Thank you for your compliment ! :)

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Wow, Mileena has a real cool skin. I like. Nice detail, sir.

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Hahah ! Thank you so much ! :) Glad you dig it !