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September 7, 2009
Sex Pistols by ~JSaurer. Just one of the many legendary bands and musicians depicted in this rocking gallery.
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Sex Pistols

the angry young men from the late 70s
airbrush & collage, 2001
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cool pic. The Pistols are great!
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It's real anarchy in my country.
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Excellent work
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Haha! This is stunningly! 8D
ZeeDDD65's avatar
This is literally one of the best paintings I've ever seen.
Shame that one who doesn't know of the Sex Pistols wouldn't get it, though. 
dbstudios1's avatar

I feel the same.

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This is so awesome! Love the exaggerated art style!
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That is amazing, Johhny Rotten's eyes are spot on as is everything
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I love this like the pistols very colorful
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I like the way you really pushed the shapes but still kept a great likeness
M0nk3m4n's avatar
The fact you got Johnny Rotten's eyes so perfect is all it takes to make this pic amazing.
Good picture it just captures their essences so well
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Love it. Mr. Rotten looks high, and there's probably a good reason for that.
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good pic :D i lurves them sooooo much check out my chibi sid more members coming soon and i'll take requests and stoof :D
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The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle. Malcolm McLaren was the Tom Parker of punk!
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