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Oils on canvas
18" x 24"
1 / 2018
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Dear Jeff...
I rarely comment any works on DA though I love this site offering so many unusual masterpieces like yours for example!
I'm great horror/macabre admirer - in art of course (I hate violence and horror in real life). So it's the more pleasant for me to watch your paintings. I feel very deeply every such vision because I'm very sensitive person. I notice every tiny detail like for example magnifying factor of your water (branch seems to be thicker in this dirty water than above it). So your visions are realistic and on the other site so fantastical and unreal. I'm sorry I have to less power for creating my own works myself ech :(. Maybe in some day...

One little critical remark is: it's not proper - not to give any title to such painting. "Untitled" is very bad choice because I think every title is a half of success. Second half is the painting itself. Title speaks very much about painting. You will do as you want, I know sometimes you sometimes don't have any idea for a title but later you can think out something :).

All the best for you, long life and please create more such outstanding, genius masterpieces.
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Thank you Kierchu! I really do appreciate you taking the time to let me know what you think about my work. I agree with you completely. I really don't like leaving a painting untitled but I figure I can come back to it later if I think of a title. Thanks again for checking out my work.
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freaking hell, i can't get over how powerful your paintings are, so many meanings, emotions, details, associations
this one is almost a metaphor for some time of my earlier life
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Thank you, I'm glad you like it.
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it's my pleasure, thanks for sharing
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this makes me feel sad
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I'm happy that it made you feel something, thanks for checking it out.
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Thank you, thank you oh spirit of darkness!
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It's a bit gloomy but I like it :) Good job!
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