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Fantasy Meets Science Fiction

This is for #Realm-of-Fantasy's Fantasy Sci-Fi Fusion Contest. ([link])
It took about three hours in Photoshop CS2.
This was really fun to make and I discovered all sorts of brushes in the process :D
Should be in Digital Art > Vexel > Fantasy or Digital Art > Vexel > Science Fiction, but I couldn't choose which one. So Miscellaneous it is :D
Widescreen Version: [link]
Screenshot: [link]
Influenced by [link] which in turn was inspired by [link] :D

Credit time!
Dragon - [link]
Fairy - [link]
Unicorn - [link]
Forest - [link]
Space Station - [link]
Robot - [link]
City - [link]
Plane and Man & Woman - [link]
Glitter - [link]
Swirl - [link]
Background (Rays) - [link]
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Really fun picture. 
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Gotta love science fantasy :)
kiraraya's avatar
So cool! I love it! :D
kiraraya's avatar
VictorHugo's avatar
This is beautiful on many levels, they´re both worlds that we want to exist.
hamzadar's avatar
Nice idea, i like it :D
GlassOddity's avatar
Do you mind if I use this for my banner?
jrweinman's avatar
Not at all, just make sure to credit me :D
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Sheesh. I love both genres and not once did I ever think to combine them! Thank you for the inspiration! :hug:
jrweinman's avatar
Lol, no problem! Me neither, really, it was a contest idea (#Realm-of-Fantasy's Fantasy Sci-Fi Fusion Contest). Thanks for the fave and watch :D
I love both genres!
jrweinman's avatar
Me too :D
Thanks for the fave!
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This reminds me so much of my friend and her brother. She loves stuff like "Lord of the Rings" and he loves stuff like "Space Odyssey". But they both care for each other. ^^
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Lol, that's funny. I'm like a combination of your friend and her brother :D
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