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How's everyone doing? sorry for not being so active on deviantart. I'm a bit more active on social media so you can find me on twitter,facebook and tumblr under my DA handle.

I've been busy with work and other endeavors, I recently got my degree and i'm excited about the new things I can do with it ^^ I'm also looking into dipping my toes in new projects and ideas, I just need some time (and money) to get to that. Life has been pretty busy on all sorts of aspects but it's been fun so far. I got a backlog of stuff to upload in here so I'll get to that. Just in case, I usually upload WIPs and finished drawings on my patreon, so if you want to see that, psd files to see how I did things and help support me, you can find my patreon link here:

Love you all, and thanks for sticking around, see you :P
Patreon Banner by Jruva

If you enjoy my art and wish to support me on my future endeavors or learn more about my process and tuts, you can check out my Patreon campaign! I offer .psd files, tutorials, detailed art feedback, art/tutorial resources, early access to Works in Progress and ideas, and more!  

If you want to become my patreon and get these rewards in exchange, please check it out here:

Heya guys! since it’s the end of the year, I thought i’d do a quick sale on my commissions ^^ Until January 11 (cuz I missed a day), I’ll offer a 20% discount on all color commissions I get on the specified date!

You can check more examples of my art and commissions on my art blog, or more information and commission examples here!  Feel free to contact me via tumblr IM or email (included in the upper link) if you’re interested. Happy new year!!

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I'm doing inktober again this year nn  I'll try to shoot for the whole 31 days this time. If you want to see my updates, be sure to follow either my tumblr or facebook for daily updates. If you're interested too, you can see the full-res pictures of my inktober uploaded at Patreon, where you can also see full-res pictures of my gallery in general and have access to psd files and more!

This round i'l probably focus mostly on my dnd session's main guild, and I'll also do a bunch of the usual sci-fi project I've got going on. I'll try to compile what I got in a final big picture on deviantart as soon as I finish this month.
Hope you can enjoy it!

Some days ago it was my patreon’s anniversary, thanks so much to everyone that has supported me via this site and/or continue supporting me ^^ !! It has helped me so much and I hope I can continue creating more thanks to it

If you enjoy my art and wish to support me, Patreon is a site that lets you pledge a fixed amount of money per creation, while allowing you access to rewards for your support. I offer hi-res pictures, psd files, tutorials  monthly tutoring, and more!  You can check it out >here<  . Even if you pledge $1, it really helps a lot! 

Heya! Just thought I’d let you know I’m gonna be doing inktober this year. Last year I had fun with this event and it helped me to improve a lot, so I hope to do so again this year!

To help fill my quota I am offering my patrons 2 free requests for Inktober, as well as access to the full-res drawings ^^  So if you’re interested in that and wish to supporte me, feel free to check out my Patreon !  I’ll be uploading the daily drawings in here so stay tuned for that

I recently updated my patreon with more rewards and cheaper rewards for more accesibility! You can get previews, WIPs, access to psds, tutorials, tutoring and more on my patreon, so check it out and please consider supporting me if you have a dollar or two! Your patronage is greatly appreciated and will help me produce more content!

Just thought I'd give an update on my life in here given I've been absent as usual. First of all thanks for the watches, comments,views and commissions I get, it means a lot to me to see people enjoy my art :) .

I'm close to finishing an animated short film i've been doing with a friend. I also had to move out my apartment and landed a quick job as a graphic designer. Not sure how long it's gonna last but I love these two jobs. 

I've been also having more laptop problems, because acer is a horrible, horrible brand. I haven't really updated my Patreon because of it, but to make for it, I want to participate on Inktober and practice inking and offer cool drawings. I'm gonna be uploading inktober drawings in batches of 5, so stay tuned for that. I've also been thinking of doing digital drawing classes or uploading resources to gumroad for a small fee to help people and etc, just kinda lost on the "how" and "what". Oh well, I guess I'll solve it eventually.

And well, I guess that's it as usual. You can follow my art on facebook and tumblr and etc, the links are on my profile. c ya around xoxo
Patreon Launch by Jruva

I recently opened a Patreon :D You donate a set amount of money per drawing and I offer you a reward as thanks. There's more info on my patreon about how it works and what I can offer, so please check it out here ! Any amount of money is cool , even if it's $1. Help me spread the word and I hope you can become a patron <3
Hey guys! just thought I'd let you know I made a facebook page some time ago and forgot to promo it here lol. I'll be trying to update my facebook page with the drawngs I usually upload here, as well as some ocassional speedpaint or any other relevant info about my projects or carreer.

So here it is. Like the page and get updates in there and stuff :P much appreciated. Thanks!
Well I'm not much of putting up pictures of personal going ons and stuff, but basically yesterday I went on a short notice to a con since apparently one of my favorite composers, Michiru Yamane, was on town and was gonna do a concert. She was lovely and I still can't believe I met her <3 here's me and her oh snap!

and I'm mostly uploading this journal because there was a wacom booth on the con and I lurked around there waiting to draw, they had a cintiq there and I just felt the need to draw something right there, and I wanted to showcase it here.

10404112 773813976028213 9146435899097111650 N by Jruva

I forgot to take a full on pic of the cintiq but the setup was basically a lap on my side, cintiq up front and this huge-ass screen showcasing the drawing process for everyone to see so I had a lot of people near me lol. I wish I could have brought an usb drive to save the picture, but hopefully the booth will upload the picture to their facebook page soon so I can post it here. I am now more convinced about getting a cintiq now after the results I got for this drawing and the response I got in general (specially since I drew this in like hour and a half and everyone including the booth was surprised apparently?) so please give me your money via commissions or something xoxo thanks

but yeah, hopefully I'll be able to get a cintiq one of these days. Yesterday was super fun and meeting michiru yamane was amazing she's such a sweetheart! She played a concert for everyone and closed by playing jingle bells I love her!


  • 1. I reserve all right to decline a commission.
  • 2. I cannot deliver physical copies of a sketch, nor the original sketch at these moments. I will deliver a digital copy of the drawing to you, a .JPEG or format of your choice at RGB in full size. I will not send files containing the process or layer content of the picture (.psd, .sai, .ai, .obj, etc.) 
  • 3. I reserve all right to the images and its use unless otherwise stated. ie.  you can use the commission for any personal use (common examples include uses like website avatars, banners, wallpapers, printing it for your bedroom wall or locker, etc.) (Credit for my work may apply if needed) while I can reserve rights for gallery showcasing, portfolio, promotion, etc. . I will not use your commission for financial gain, such as selling prints of your commission or similar, unless otherwise stated and/or allowed to by the commissioner. Feel free to ask on this matter if unbeknownst to you.
  • 4. Prices listed are an estimate, they are to be adjusted accordingly based on the commission requested based on size, subject matter, detail, etc.
  • 5. You cannot claim the commission as your work, nor be able to redistribute it on commercial purposes or anything not within the limits of the stated uses of the commission, including but not limited to: covers, websites, artbooks, concept art for any given project, book illustrations,and any personal or non-personal project that falls under the category of commercial use or involving any given profit to you. 
  • 6. Anything falling under the spectrum of commercial use will be considered a professional commission, and will be treated as so. Please discuss this with me before starting the commission. Prices will vary if used under these purposes. Full Rights to the commission will be given with the final piece. Please specify this to adjust prices accordingly and adjust copyright uses. Prices listed here and on the commission journal are for personal use only.
  • 7. While rights to professional commissions are given out, I reserve the rights to use the professional commission for personal use( eg. Promotion, portfolio,etc.)
  • 8. Character , background or any other copyrighted material (such as official Intellectual Propertiess or your IPs) are held by the commissioner or respective owner. While you hold the rights to any personal IP, The commissioner will not use the commission for selling purposes unless otherwise established, as it will be considered a professional commission as stated in point 3, 5 and 7 (such as using a commission as guest art on a game, using said art as an asset, etc). If you wish to use a personal commission for commercial purposes, payment for the rights can be bought, contact me for details on payment and use.
  • 9. Commissions won't be started until you pay within the few weeks of the commission being established. 
  • 10. Commission may take some time depending on my current workflow, business/things to attend to on life, current load of work and the complexity of the commissioned drawing, so I please ask some patience if any of the mentioned or an emergency prevents constant work and progress on your commission! I will try to update on your commission as soon as possible so expect updates to make sure either you enjoy the progress, or show progress if I have stalled due to lack of time, but I will push on to deliver to you.
  • 11. You're allowed minor changes on your final commission before I send you the final image, free of charge. Constant changes and/or big changes made before delivery will cost an extra fee, depending on the quantity and size of the change
  • 12. Image will only be sent when you agree to everything being okay. Once the final image is delivered to you, no more modifications will be made to the drawing, so please take this into account!

Failure to comply to these terms of agreement will result in declining a commission. In the case of professional commision, it may result in legal action if used under terms not agreed to by both parties. These are written for legal purposes and self-protection of my material and skills

Return to my commission post |

    wow uh I missed it by a bunch of days, but I've been on this site for quite a lot of years now, a whole decade.
    I never would have known all the progress I have made in these years, all the friends I would have make, or where I would be right now, it's been truly an odyssey for me. I'm not sure what else to say really, thanks to those who have stuck with me since the beginning and to the new ones too! Here's for another 10 years on this site :D

    to celebrate here's a wall of shame

    Wallofshame by Jruva

    Wall Of Shame by Jruva
    Hey people! I recently won a contest from OC ReMix, a site dedicated to some cool videogame music covers and remixes. Their newest album's cover art, Portrait of a Plumber, was done by yours truly. It also features art by other cool artists as promo art in it, along with some superb Super Mario 64 remixed songs and they all sound hella cool. Check it out here:…

    The album will release this month and you can download it for free, so be sure to check it out :D ! I'll put the link here once it's up.
    Comisiones-2017 01 by Jruva

    Commissions are currently :bulletblue:Open!:bulletblue: 
    This journal is mostly to document rights and such which you will find in the lower section. All the basic stuff you need to know is on the upper section.

    For my Term of Agreement/Privacy Policy regarding commissions, please click here.



    Prices and Commissions listed are for Private/Personal Commissions only.  Non-personal commissions, inquiries for freelance work, projects or any other form of published or profitable work and similar has different pricing. Just a heads up.

    Prices listed are estimates and base prices, and are to be adjusted accordingly based on subject matter, size, detail,complexity, etc. Total price will be given when ordering. All prices listed are USD.




          Yarne sketch by Jruva Astro2 by Jruva Escanear0001 by Jruva
    Dude by Jruva  Ominas by Jruvadoodle by Jruva Maverick Doodle by Jruva

    Just a regular sketch. Digital or traditional. 
    Digital inking costs more according to complexity of sketch.
    Bust up: $5 + $5 per character
    Half/ Full Body:  $10 / $20 . + $10 per character
    You can request to add color for +$10. This can be done after completion of sketch


    Colored Commission



     Commission: Ominas Crowe by Jruva Scias by Jruva robot concept by Jruva Saint by Jruva

    DND: yanlis' mask by Jruva

       Irregular Hunter X by Jruva  kaleido concept by Jruva Hyper Light Drifter by Jruva DnD Kenku Rogue Merchant : Fane by Jruva [REWORK] DnD Waforged Druid by Jruva commission : Usoru by Jruva

    Colored drawing with a basic background. 
    Ideal for basic character commissions/character portraits
    Bust up: $30 + $10 per character
    Full Body: $40 +$15 per character 
    Additional background (such as simple objects or related) will add to the price. depending on complexity


     Full Commission


       Odyssey by Jruva  cave study by Jruva Destination by Jruva

    Admiration towards The Clan by Jruva  Commission: Pole by Jruva Obelisk by Jruva

    A more detailed drawing that includes a full background/scenario.
     Ideal for more detailed commissions involving a background or an action by characters.
    Background/scenario can also be requested without character
    Starting price: $80
    Keep in mind: Price will be adjusted according to complexity of commission. Price May be lower depending on complexity


    3D Model


    Durarara- Celty Motorcycle 3D by Jruva Dogma 3D model by Jruva Gaudile base mesh by Jruva

    Ndice by Jruva   Ndice3 by Jruva  4408045611407742019 by Jruva

    3D model of a prop (jewelry, weapon, shield, random object, etc) or a character. Price will vary greatly depending on complexity and needs
    Will send a.obj file, not rigged.
    Starting price:
    Props: $40
    Characters: $ 70
    Keep in mind: Price will be adjusted according to complexity of commission. Price May be lower if it's a simpler prop/character, please ask beforehand, or higher if it's more complex
    (eg a simple prop may cost 20 or 50 bucks instead of 30, or character may cost 30 to 100 bucks depending on complexity. Bear this in mind when asking for a quote)


    Graphic Design



    Dnd-blade by Jruva  Lovingpreview by Jruva  Dnd-maztica by Jruva

    Dnd-varbuk by Jruva Dnd-bravedawn by Jruva Dnd-storm by Jruva

    Logo creation or graphic design related inquiries (such as banners, ads, trifolds, etc.)
    Starting price for logos (Personal Use):
    Starting Price for ads/publicity (Personal Use):

    Keep in mind: Price will be adjusted according to complexity of commission. Price May be lower depending on complexity

      Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue NOTE: Price will change if the logo is to be used for commercial purposes

    EG: games, animation, companies, businesses, etc.



    :bulletred: Contacting/Payment:

    I only accept Paypal!  If you are in Mexico, I can accept bank deposit. Proof of the deposit or paypal shall be confirmed before starting a commission.  

     deviantART Groups To ask for a commission, simply send me either an  e-mail to: ruvology (at)        or a note/PM via deviantart or any of my other social media.
    IMPORTANT: please do not send paypal money to the email adress listed above, I will provide you with the paypal adress once the commission has been agreed on)

    In this e-mail, please specify everything about your commission, with info such as:
    • type of commission (sketch, cg, number of characters, bust up/half body, etc)
    • specific backgrounds (if any)
    • information about commission (character info, reference, etc . Please keep it short and sweet, anything to give me a basic idea of how the character is or how they look is good. Short sentences are preferred over paragraphs of information)
    • use for commission (personal or commercial)
    Or anything really, just as long as it tells me what you want me to draw and all the things you think I need to work on the commission. You can be formal or casual on the mail, your choice :P 

    I will reply with costs and anything else you would like to discuss. That is, ideas, possibilities, the cost itself, etc.  After both parties agree on what the commission will be and the payment, I'll link you to my paypal adress . More of this below. Please note I may take a while to finish a commission depending on other responsibilities at hand, so your patience is greatly appreciated! I will try to finish a commission as soon as possible.


    :bulletyellow:General info:

    •  A payment plan can be discussed. You can either pay full or 50% to begin and 50% when it's finished. full payment is preferred on lower-cost commissions (such as sketches, basic coloring, etc)
    • I cannot assure how long a piece will take, but roughly 1-2 weeks should be the general finish time depending on the commission,or 3+ weeks on larger pieces, all depending on free hours available on my schedule for commission work. Constant pressure of the commission won't help speed up the process, so I humbly ask you for patience and comprehension!
    • I will keep you updated with the progress of the commission, from rough sketches to color process. Fixes and modifications can still be done at this point. If you are satisfied with the final result, the commission is then complete, and you are sent the full image in full resolution. 
    • No fixes or modifications shall be made after sending you the final image. They are non-refundable past this point too.
    • Please supply any visual reference of anything and everything that can help visualize the idea of your commission. If a character commission, pictures depicting said character are important for the commission to happen, so please send them!
    • I can do pretty much any style you wish for, and add anything you want in it as long as I can get a basic idea, so sending reference helps a lot.


    I will draw...

    • Original characters (characters you have created for yourself or projects, as well as fancharacters, based on existing fiction. If requesting someone else's character, please confirm to me you have permission for this, otherwise I can decline)
    • Concept Art
    • Fanart
    • Nudity 
    • Anthro (animal, demon, etc.)
    •  het love/boy love/girl love (as long as it doesn't fall under the category of porn)

    I can also be paid to do other miscellaneous tasks,such as:

    • character redesign
    • landscape art
    • character sheets
    • orthographic sheets (for 3d modelling)
    • mugshots
    • icons
    • anything crazy like fixing the colors/color pallete of one of your characters 
    Please ask me for pricing of these if you're interested as pricing may vary. You can also ask if I am available to do X thing for you, chances are I can!

    I will not draw...

    • Fetish art
    • Pictures with heavy sexual content/porn
    • Gore 
    • Hate art
    • Anything involving use of drugs

    Any other questions about commissions you can contact me via the email provided above or send me a note on Deviantart :) !


    That's it. Thank you for your support!! :heart:
    Well I got one
    You can buy prints of some of my drawings, as well as iphone/ipad cases, lap skins, pillows, shirts, etc. I hope to upload more to it soon!
    I haven't told about it here or few social media, but I'm gonna go in a few days to Las Vegas. I'm really excited, not only is it my first time there and see what's fun there besides casinos, but it's the first time in 4 years that I'll be visiting USA grounds, so I'm excited to come back for a while there. So, uh, see you around :D!
    Well hello people, How are ya?

    I mentioned it a while ago but I finished my classes, and after that came graduation, so I am over with college :) The ceremony was, well, small and humble, and I couldn't go to the generation eating and party for reasons, but it was a good day.  Looking back, while it is true my college wasn't really the best and my major choice is still in diapers, I still learned a lot, and I felt I not only grew artistically, but as a person. I feel a better person than what I was before I started this career. I met a lot of fantastic friends, and I really couldn't be happier!  Now it's on to the future.

    For now I will finish my thesis in character design to obtain my title, and then go look for a job. I also want to polish my skills in the meantime for my portfolio, and I want to open a new bank account so that I can finally be able to use paypal and be able to do comissions! I'll let you know when the latter happens and the terms I'll be working on, nothing too complex, just some simple rules for a win-win situation. I'll see you around :D!
    I finished college :O . Next week is my graduation. oh boy

    I dunno what to say about this sorry tho . I'll be more active now until I get a job.
    So have I told you guys I am currently on my last semester of college?  Time goes pretty quick, huh...and I've really learned a lot in this journy and met many amazing friends. Soon I will complete my thesis, get some random paper and look for a job. It kinda scares me, I really hope to be accepted into a game company over here, but fear my art will be's my strongest area, and I manage myself on 3d just fine, I dunno...I just hope to get a stable and fun job on the game industry. But for now, I am trying to keep up with my classes, and aid friends (maybe too many) with indie games on concept art. I am also trying my hand on doing landscape art. I think I started with the wrong foot since I feel beginning with small thumbnails always helps, and I have two cool landscapes on big size. I will continue them, so yeah.  I guess that could be it.