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Dnd Wild Mage Sorcerer: Nabi Ryong by Jruva Dnd Wild Mage Sorcerer: Nabi Ryong by Jruva
Yay more sorcerers on DnD. I REALLY enjoyed playing them :P . My table decided to make a campaign AU where we play as the kids of our campaign's characters. I introduced Asthir ( just to be the oddball and add more lore, but I'd rather play him on another campaign instead...

so I retired him and decided to design a possible daughter for my sorcrer Saja ( ) , thus came to be Nabi , the wild mage sorcerer prodigy

Nabi is the youngest of the guild's offsprings at only 10 years old. The rest of the kids are near legal age at 18, so she's always looking forward to prove her worth to both her adults and older friends. Unexpected by her mother, she inherited powers from the feywild, and is known as a wild mage. She's a very proficient but incredibly risky mage, for her powers may bring unexpected effects, both good and bad.
She wants to embark on a quest to learn to control her powers fully, and prove she's not a child anymore and that she's ready to face the world to save it.

I had a lot of fun designing her and had a bit of a challenge with her pastel colors, but I like the end result. I hope you like her too!

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whitefoxdesigns Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2018  Professional Interface Designer
Excellent work! GIF Adventure Time - Poo Brain 
Jruva Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2018   Digital Artist
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