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DnD Ranger / sorcerer multiclass : Keundol Ryong by Jruva DnD Ranger / sorcerer multiclass : Keundol Ryong by Jruva
Another DnD character, they're fun to make ^^! This time I made a character  to expand on my own character lore, my first multiclass character, the Ranger/sorcerer Keundol!

The little brother of my sorcerer Saja ( , he was raised with his sister by a copper dragon. Her sister showed promise in the magic apartment and a possible sorcerer at a young age, and so did he, but he didn't quite get the grasp of it as she did. While he knew how to vaguely use his powers, he showed promises in other areas though; namely archery and hunting. He also showed a different grasp of his magic skills by being able to phase. 

Noticing this, his dragondad trained him with a friend of his so keundol could develop his skills further. Thus, he learned how to become a Horizon Walker Ranger. He now dedicates himself to protecting his world from otherwordly menaces from the feywild, and explores the country to satiate his wanderlust. Ingame, he will eventually join his sister who has now become a leader of a guild, and aid her using his powerful range skills.


I had a lot of trouble with this drawing x_x anatomy, design, etc , but i'm very happy with how this came out! I hope you enjoy it!

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February 25, 2018
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