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DnD  Orc Wizard - Garden by Jruva DnD  Orc Wizard - Garden by Jruva
Heya! I decided to start a backlog of dnd characters to have around, mostly so I can return to designing fantasy characters :P  so here's Garden, the orc wizard!

Originally an agressive orc from the snowy northernlands, he ended up losing his husband in a tragic accident. Desperate to bring him back, he sold his soul to a trickster demon for knowledge, and delved in the wizadries and crafts to find a way.

After realizing he couldn't bring his love back and finding he lost great part of his emotions with his soul, he lost all hope, but had a change of heart after a bout of depression. After that, he decided to use what little will he had in himself and his newfound gift of knowledge to good use, and tries to do good deeds to help others, and hoping he can find the demon once again and gain his soul back, and changed his name to "Garden" as a remindeer of both his errors and his goal.

I had fun doing this and I'm very excited to eventually play an orc wizard in my dnd adventures, hopefully it'll be fun nn hope you like him!

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T-A-Sorsby Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2017   Writer
I love this guy! :)  Aside from being fantastically drawn and characterised, it highlights what is the best thing about 5th Edition, for me - how easy it is to build fun characters :D
Jruva Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks ^^!
I've only really tried 4th edition and it was about 2 sessions so I don't know how others fare, but I've liked 5 so far for its flexibility as you mention, it really wants to make me go and design dnd characters just for the sake of doing it :P
T-A-Sorsby Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2017   Writer
I've spent a few hours here and there doing just that. A really fun system to design a character in, even if they never get used, I got a kick out of making them :)
Jruva Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
same, can't wait to see what characters I can make 
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