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Please go to theimmortalsgraphicnovel.wikis… to keep up with The Im/mortals graphic novel.

The Im/mortals is a graphic novel being currently developed by Jamie R. Stone and Brenda Gonzalez-Potash. It has been worked on collaboratively for over 5 years now, but the initial concept was conceived a few years before that by Jamie R. Stone. The story has evolved over the years and has gone through many script changes, rewrites, story changes, dialogue changes, character rewrites and etc. As perfectionists and as the devoted writers that we are, we feel compelled to put out the best story possible with as many complex and interesting storylines as any great comic, movie or TV show.

Continual sources of inspiration include The Fifth Element, Back to the Future, The Shawshank Redemption, The Matrix and many, many more...

The genre of The Im/mortals can be summed up as "High Fantasy," "Light Steampunk," "Midieval Period Piece" and "Cyberpunk." The genre shifts from high fantasy to steampunk at any given moment and it's often difficult to pinpoint exactly what forces are at work here. The obvious answer is that both forces are conjoined into one and feed off each other constantly. Mortals and gods play an integral role to the universe of The Im/mortals, but there is little else in the line of mythos beyond that. Mythical animals, moving plants, strange beasts, ogres, fairies, ghoulies and goblins all have their place in fantasy books, but there is little of that in The Im/mortals.

The Im/mortals focuses on man and his hopes, his dreams, his fears and the road to true immortality. The story is not a political one, even though there are elements of that. The story is not a love story, though there are elements of that. The story is about relationships in general. It is about people--in all forms. Gods are not the strong, invincible forces you've been led to believe. They are weak and fragile, just like us, but they can outlive us a hundred times over... but have they always been this way or did they have to earn this everlasting life?
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Specialty: Lineart, Full-Color Illustrations, Comic Art
Level: Professional
Price Range: US $20 - $120 (depending on the project)
Payment: Paypal

Characters: $20
Locations: $30
Character & Background: $40

Digital Lineart:
Character Lineart: $40
Character Lineart w/ Background: $60
Two Characters Lineart: $70
Two Characters w/ Background: $100
Multiple Characters: Send me an email and we'll discuss it.

Full Color Illustrations:
Full Color Character: $50
Full Color Character w/ Background: $80
Full Color Two Characters: $100
Full Color Two Characters w/ Background: $120
More Complex Illustrations: Send me an email and we'll discuss it.

$50-$100 per page, depending on complexity and scale of project. Send me an email and we'll discuss it.

I'm very open to draw most anything. Email me an offer and we'll discuss it. :)

-Jamie R. Stone
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Well, I shot up 1000 views in little over a month, which sounds about right, given how much I've been updating since my 6000 mark... There's also been a shooting view count the last week or so, which I don't think is a coincidence... I know exactly what it was from. Let's just say a little promotion never hurt anybody.

I want to do a "thank you" piece for this achievement. I think I'll do one featuring either Leo or Theo in a super action-y pose. Maybe both of them. :) And this will be completed whenever I have free time... so, I dunno, the weekend.
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So, am I happy to finally have 6000 views? Somewhat. I kinda wish I were more popular, though. Successful people are always telling me to "put myself out there" when there is no "there" to put myself out into.

I remember hearing a very unnerving statistic once. The children of whatever monetary income in society are likely to stay within that bracket as they grow up and move out on their own. It's a never-ending cycle, essentially...

I keep wanting to not believe that, that I can make it someday because I have the drive and the talent... but maybe I don't have enough of either to make it in this business. If I don't, I can either settle for stuff I don't want to do because I'm good enough for that but not for what I really want... or I can keep trying harder and harder until I'm at the level that I can finally be employed by Disney or Blue Sky or some other hard-to-breach company of grandeur.

I wish I had the smarts, the know-how, and the overall drive to be successful... and one day I might... but until then... I can only do arts.
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Does anyone have any idea how one can go about getting a job doing art for people while getting paid on a regular basis? I can go ahead and just say in this journal, "Hey! I'm willing to do art for money!" but will that really work? Anyone have anything they'd like me to do? Just look at my gallery and you can see my level of expertise.

Alright. I've done MY part. Now for the money to come rolling in... Haha...
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Hey guys, I'm updating my journal to notify all of you keeping up with Ularium Octate. I recently uploaded a scrapped panel that was supposed to be on page 3 (located in my scraps, apparently).

Here is the link:…

Please, check it out. I left some interesting commentary to go along with it. :)

Page 3 will be released following this journal.
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So, I've been working on this comic for a while now. Actually, I've been working on the story for it for quite some time now and I've only just recently decided it would be good in comic form.

I made a comic a few months ago that is sort of in a round-about way related to this story, but I took it down a few weeks ago when I decided that they weren't good enough. It was called The Adventures of Leo. Some of you may remember it. It had terrible "random" comedy and elemental animals. That's pretty much the jist of it... but sometimes, you have to work through all that to get to the good stuff; the stuff truly worth putting out... and I believe that time is at hand.

This is a very important project to me... That's why I'm making a journal entry, in hopes that I can get some responses and perhaps get some attraction to the comic. I've already done two pages. If I get a lot of comments, I'll release the first page soon...

The comic will be called "Ularium Octate." It begins in a prologue-like style of storytelling.

So, please, leave a comment, even if it's just "hi" or "sounds cool" or anything at all.

Thanks all.