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Foliage Brushes For Sketchbook Pro - Brushes - 1

I just made my custom Sketchbook Pro brushes available on Creative Market. First off is my foliage brush set, and there will be three more sets to follow. I did the whole shebang, complete with screenshot graphics, write ups and a demo video! Haha. First time to sell this kind of product online and I'd be thrilled if it gets just one buy.

Get them here:…

See the video demo:

The nine piece brush set includes:

  1. Three variations of line art foliage brushes for trees and bushes, which can be used to draw in realistic or cartoony styles.
  2. Two styles of silhouette leaves for drawing quick solid foliage, and one silhouette leaf brush that's great for drawing leaves getting blown away.
  3. Two grass brushes, each for realistic and cartoony styles of drawing.
  4. One pine tree forest brush. Draw beautiful pine tree-filled landscapes in just a few strokes.

Watch out for more cool stuff, coming soon!


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The Kengkoy Joint is an independent comic book from Komiks Manila, a group of Filipino komiks (comics) writers and artists. / Please visit for news and updates.
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Hello DeviantArt!

I just finished a four-part article on the Top 4 Pinoy Komiks of this Generation. See if  you'd agree to it through these links:

Part 1…

Part 2…

Part 3…

Part 4)…

Thanks a lot!
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This post was supposed to be in high spirits when I first thought about it. But after finalizing the shortlist, it turned out to be… quite depressing.

Four! I spent days gathering views from different people in an effort to extend the list to at least five. I originally wanted to do a top 10! I did research until minutes prior to this writing, but I couldn't add more even if I wanted to. I'd only be fooling myself and you if I did. What a realization!

No wonder the local komiks industry is hardly moving! Too many slots are still vacant. Like a passenger jeepney in a station pila, it won't go forward until all seats are filled up.

Now don't be confused. I know there are a lot of really good pinoy komiks out there. If I am to do list for that, everybody knows it is going to exceed way past four. But I'm counting down the titles that had sufficient commercial success and publicity. If you are to dispute this list and thinks other titles should be included, hit the comments! I'll be very happy to hear it.

So without further ado, Komiks Manila proudly (still proudly) presents to you these icons, "The Top 4 Most Successful Komiks (1990 to present)".

click here to continue reading:
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I came out with a blog featuring Filipino komiks and the people and stories behind its pages.

Go visit KOMIKS MANILA now!

I just wrote an entry about mico suayan. The kick-ass artist of Moon Knight, What if: Annihilation, and now, Werewolf by Night.