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This was a gamble. It rained and I just put my camera out the window. The result was above picture but it turned out okey in the end.

Named "Regn i Förort" (Rain in Suburb), this won me the first price (Jurys Choice) in Metro Photo Challenge Sweden.
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Härligt ljus och väldigt mycket stockholmskänsla. Tydligt bevis på att man inte behöver dyr utrustning för att lyckas. Aspudden? Stadshagen?
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Beautiful Artistry… Perfect !!....puss puss Nikki
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beautifull photo ^^ I love rain, it bring me peace :) this photo remembers me that **
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WOAH! såg inte förrens typ nu att det regnade
sheesh! öser ner! underbar bild!
Ser kallt ut.
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love it mate :)
rain is the best weather especially for a good book or making a picture either by camera or draw it yourself :)

awsome shot, keep up the good work ^^
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Considering this was taken before I ever started with DSLRs, my entire gallery is at your disposal to see if I did keep up the good work :)
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Vilken härlig bild. Jag älskar regn!
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Tack så mycket :).
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Riktigt cool bild! Det är sällan regn blir såhär bra på foton (iaf när jag försöker ;))
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Det gör det lite roligare att den är tagen med en liten handkamera, en Hitachi.

Bilden är tagen långt innan jag fick systemkamera :)
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Älskar regn!! Det är så jävla härligt! :headbang:
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Alltid. Föredrar det före snö alltid :P
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I love the lighting in this shot, its beautiful ^-^
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vart ifrån vann du den? :O
från mässan?
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beautiful!! congrats on the contest :hug:
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I won the Jurys choice Price. A new Canon 500D!
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Thank you <3
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Ahh, I love this. It's like... Sweden. It feels like that warm summer rain, that you always dare your friends to go out into. Then someone gets hit by lightning and suddenly it's your fault... :roll: Unfair.
But, to get back to the actual praise, I really like how the light falls and that you can see how hard it's raining. Much love to this pic'. I always tend to love the gamble-photos the most. Maybe I just like un-planned things? Anyway, great work. ^_^
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The worst thing about it is that its not even taken with my Nikon D40. Had a lovely pocket camera - a Hitachi - who the cat had out the window.

The photo is taken with that one, almost a full year before me getting the D40.
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Ohh. Well that makes it even more impressive, then. In my opinion, although I'm hardly a camera-pro. Cats, all artists have cats. Why? They always break your stuff ;P *Says the girl who just got her origami shredded by her puppy*
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