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Shifter Sketches

Mazzia, airship-jockey. Care of Eberron; employ of House Lyrandar.

Shifters are [moderately] civilized folk who're descendants of the mingling of regular humans with lycanthropes, now a breed unto their own.

See; "cat girls" have a tough mold to break out of. That particular race makes for a great starting point--albeit, more than a bit of Mithra got in this sketch (they're not so terrible themselves).
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Saw this picture years ago, loved it, then rediscovered it again and it inspired me to make a character based on it for Pathfinder, in a setting where there are no Shifters.

So she's a Rakshasa-blooded Tiefling who passes herself off as Catfolk to avoid the whole 'infernal stigma' thing. Swashbuckler, bit of a grifter. Her Rakshasa side gives her some 'If I want it, I am entitled to take it' tendencies, but tempered with sympathy for folks who are down on their luck.
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Do you have a template I could use?
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I like your style. Shifters are near the top of my favorite races list too. :) (Smile) 
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I love the expressions!
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I love Shifters! I don't like 4e at all, but 3.5 is awesome! I love eberron, just wish more people play that setting...anyways Great work!
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Ah, Shifters - it's awesome how Eberron introduced two races that became mega-popular enough with D&D fans to merit inclusion in 4E, and hopefully, beyond.

I just started on D&D (With 4E - let the stones be cast, but I've only used it for developing characters for my own stories, and I'm more than open to doing 3.5 because of how good I heard it was), and one of four(!) characters I've created with the intention of writing stories (until I find a group, natch) is a Razorclaw Shifter named Kaya.

It's rare to find more stylized D&D art this good - and believe me, this is great. I get an excellent feel for Mazzia's character from this expression sheet.
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4e gets knocked, but it's very good for what it is. It's not as geared to "talky" roleplay as other systems, but it's pretty tight so far as rules for encounters and challenges in general.
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I Agree! For me, it was my first actual encounter with D&D (I'd obviously heard of it before, but 4E was the first time I actually held a piece of that Universe in my hands).

P.S., I was wondering: does your character have the Mark of Storms?
I'm wondering because I have a Human Quick Battlemind Character (aspiring to be a Zephyr Blade), and I figured it thematically apropos to have him join up with House Lyrandar, after he saves the life of an Artificer in their employ. I heard that race no longer applies with regards to receiving Marks.
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Exactly. 4e is probably the best way to get newbies - like myself - into D&D. It's good both on its own merits, and for bringing in newer players to a game that can be kind of daunting to get into with almost forty years of play and all sorts of rules.
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Alas, a gewd-looking Shifter!
...And which side is she on in ur campaign? PC's or bad guys? Or PC's or good guys?
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Who's on anyone's side in Eberron? :D

Naw, she was on the PCs side. Supporting cast type.
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I fully approve of the facial structure that you've gone with here, and, of course, your use of facial expressions is quite charming too. Good work! :-)
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OMG, I love how the face looks, great look. :la:
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I love the face of the center sketch. There's something about it that screams 'sneaky, evil badass' to me. Not sure if that was intended, but it's the inspiration for one of the villains in my upcoming campaign.
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Any inspiration is good inspiration, I say. Glad something caught!

Though, incidentally, this character is far from a villain; just a random supporting NPC that has popped up from time to time, without even too much connection to the main "plot".

Eberron just begs for colorful characters left and right, though. Even the bit ones.
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Hah, well you've inspired me to give a nice interesting direction for the cat shifter wizard I was making.

Also, this is the greatest drawing of a shifter I think I've ever seen.
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Thanks! (and for all the other compliments, too!)

It's times like these I am reminded that I need to draw (and color) more. Glad you've got some new imagination-fodder, though!
I really love this character! I am going to roleplay a male shifter and it is a great inspiration for my character (though it is completely different in style)
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I love the displays of emotion here.
The middle one in particular: "Let's cut a deal, aye?"
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Nice to see a female Shifter who dosn´t looks like Wolverine!
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My goodness!!!
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Nedz moar sideburns.
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