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Rayala, the Ebon Sweetheart

Another Gabby character.

The Knights of the Ebon Blade's PR suddenly skyrockets.
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One day, I'll challenge you to redo this one with updated hair! >=D
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The Ghoul its best :D
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Curious, what type of media did you use here? Pencil? Pencil wash..?
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Pencil (specifically, no. 2 0.7 mm mechanical...who am I kiddin', those cheap BIC ones you get in packages by the bazillion), and Photoshop. This picture sort of got lucky, as the cheap use of Smudge/Blur and certain filters actually worked out!
With some more art I'll be uploading pretty soon, we'll see if my luck held out...
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Nice! I usually just use a "H" Pencil and an eraser because I later ink my stuff in and color it with markers and such. Can't wait to see more work. (BTW. do you do commissions?)
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Heh, I just recently quit playing WoW but I did have a lot of fun playing a Death Knight. I love that Ghoul he's got that "AH MUNNA EATCHU!" look about 'im. And as for the Death Knight, A walking magical corpse of death and disease never looked so good.
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The detail and depth in your work never ceases to amaze me.
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That ghoul's face cracks me up.

Either way, awesome. :)
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Oh those swords!!! <3
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Man...I couldn't recognize your work from the thumbnail, and I still can't.

Looks fantastic. :D You're busting out with really good stuff these days.
Tell me about it. I've personally known this guy for 14 years, and he still manages to impress me at every turn. Speaking of which, you still owe me concept cover for that animated film I was producing for you, Joe.
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Whoah! How did I not notice this comment? And that you're here. Even though this comment was made two months ago, but still DUDE SUP JOSH

My work schedule is freaking ridiculous at the moment, but gimme a call and leave a message or some such if I don't pick up. Phone's still the same.
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