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Pirates of the Thunder Sea 1

More Eberron fun.

Figure I'll do a few of these guys, since flipping back through the ol' sketchbook I've got several. I've found a nice, cozy little spot in the world of Eberron that I think has become my favorite.

This one; he's from the Lhazaar Principalities. He calls himself 'Hydra'. That is, in fact, an aberrant dragonmark, NOT a Mark of Storm. He is comfortably mad. His bird is some kind of archaeopteryx-thing. That is all we know so far.

Edit: Photoshop nonsense. Changed some colors, made it look a little more comic book-y, and a little more like it was actually raining.
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Wow. This character looks great. He kind of feels like "V" from that comic book "V for Vandetta." He looks just a little bit not sane. Not out and out crazy, but maybe a little loopy. i love him, he's so indian jones swinging on ropes loopy.

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Wooo, awesome stuff. Plus since my own character in Eberron also has an Aberrant Dragonmark, I'm rooting for the aberrants on sheer principle.

At least until they turn out to be complete bastards.
Very good stuff. Your work gets better and better all the time. I'm always pleasantly surprised from time to time. It'll be fun to watch your talent grow as time goes by.