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World of Warcraft Monk.

Amalay Banderas was a cadet in the Theramore Marines, and was going to be Azeroth's greatest swordswoman. But then, some jerk threw a mana bomb at her and only mostly missed, hitting the rest of the city instead, but pretty much wrecking her sword arm. Mission accomplished?

She started doing a lot of drugs after that, but then a panda man came along and showed her how to turn her substance abuse into kung fu, because that is a real, legit thing in this world (of warcraft). She now uses those skills (and drugs) to keep her friends, allies, and even just passing strangers who seem alright from getting killed. She has no sense of direction in both the literal and figurative sense, but being a wandering martial artist is okay with her, because it works out.

Whomever's blood that is you see up there had it coming, rest assured, because Amalay only pulverizes the bad guys. It's part of her code.

Her code also includes buying them a round if they manage to get back up afterwards, in the hopes that inebriation turns them into a better person.

It worked for her, after all!
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Yeah, I like how she isn't stupidly skinny :P So many drawings look so silly because the character looks like she will snap in two, not snap someone else in two! Haha, but this girl looks strong. I like the pants too. I dunno about fighting while stoned... that's be funny to watch I guess :P
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Cool story :D I like the character, the whole substance abuse makes me sad but it also makes her believeable.
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Thanks. Yeah, she's like this weird juxtaposition of fitness freak and complete lush.

I dunno how that'd work in real life. I just figure she has no idea what's going on most of the time yet is devastatingly effective.