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Silohuette (think thats how you spell it) doin some training.
This took me absolutely ages. Pleased with it :).

Go Goku!

edit: made a few major changes. look much better now. :P
looks like deviantART is still being a pain in the arse with flash. click on download. for best viewing pleasure :D make the windows quite small. it looks better then
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Can he do a Kamehameha in there yet?

Cool job BTW!
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memories, memories everywhere
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epic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it !! :D
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dude this is soooooo gangsta!!!!
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I remember this from Dragon Ball :) You are very artistic
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dudeee seriouslyy brooo u have to do dattt nikkkaaa come on grow uppp broooo
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this is fucking cool
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i can see why its fantastic!
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i'm having a deja vu those movement remind me of a scene in kill bill 2:D

very cool though;) i animate too check it out:

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That cool! :clap:
Go Goku
Well done :handshake:
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