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Ellie Ming

Ellie Ming (2) by JRDickson

Real Name: Ellie Ming
Age: 31
Gender: Female
Alignment: Neutral
Hair Colour: Brown (with Purple Highlights)
Eye Colour: Brown
Powers/Abilities: None
Weapons/Tools: Advanced Holographic Hands
Additional Notes:
Ellie Ming is a news reporter for Nu York City News (NYCN) and her camerawoman is Lydia Stephenson. When Ellie was reporting on live television, something had gone wrong during the scene behind her and she was too slow to move out the way. Though she later made a recovery, her hands were too badly damaged and were amputated. As a result, a subsidiary of Mooney Tech, called Starry Industries and Technological Advancements (or S.I.T.A. for short), had designed some cybernetics which can project holographic hands which can interact with objects just like normal hands, except these holographic hands can extend to a foot in front of the user and so some things can be easily reached when they normally couldn't. She reported on a seemingly random arson attack and interviewed Jason Burne, the firefighter who was in charge of extinguishing the fire, and the Detective Samantha Blake.


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