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Here is the start to a series of twisted Pokemon. Behold Weezing! This was a collaboration between myself and Stephen Oakley



Likitung by JRCoffronIII  Exeggutor by JRCoffronIII  Cloyster by JRCoffronIII  Beedrill by JRCoffronIII  Nidoking by JRCoffronIII  Pikachu by JRCoffronIII 
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A Fantastic piece of work ! :)
colin6969's avatar
You are most Welcome ! :)
Love the morbid angle, incredible work!
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Lavender Town meets Silent Hill. :0
Love it.
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Awesome detail
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I knew it! I knew weezing had some sort of cancer!

In seriousness these are just too awesome of a concept to stop, please keep them going.
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If pokemon were like this I would never leave my house
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This horrifyingly wonderful art reminds me very strongly of the Twins cenobites from Hellraiser.
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Could you make a picture of Trevnant?
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This reminds me of one of the covers of those Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books. Awesome stuff as always.
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he looks like he SERIOUSLY wants to die
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"Rose Quartz saw beauty in all things!"
I'm beginning to doubt that.
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my god it's like H.R. Giger's nightmare
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Wow! this is AMAZING! more please!
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Man.  That.  Is.  RAD!
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This is an awesome piece!
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This is friggin' amazing, dude. I love it!
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Thanks a lot man!
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