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How to deviantART: Giving Credit

So apparently a lot of stockers lately have had their work ripped off by coperations, professional artists, the list goes on. :( I figured I could at least do SOMETHING to try and make a difference through education. Let us see how well that works. :eyes:

~richardperkins, ~MarinaAvila, =Kxhara, =Skybase and *SenshiStock
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Hi When I choose to type in :devUserName: , it doesn't even work when I tried to credit some bases. Is there anything that I could link a deviant. Also I'm a first timer thanks

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Can you link to the image of the female archer reference you used here? I looked on all the stock makers' profiles and I can't find it.
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Made this so long ago, I honestly don't recall who's the owner. Probaby should have linked it when I made it. :slow: Try searching their galleries for "Bow" or "archer"? :slow:
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maybe it's deleted? :shrug:
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That is very helpful, I'll link it in my journal!
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boobs!....  -_- Sherlock Holmes 
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What are you talking about?
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Giving credit where credit is due is applied to nearly every art form including academic writing. Although "idiots" is a little harsh,I could understand how it would feel having one's work literally whored out all over the web being reused and the original creator left in the dust. Thank you for providing this informative tutorial!
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Yeah I'm thinking of changing it, but that would require hunting down the original PSD and that requires remebering what the hell I called it >.> So ya know, excuses, excuses, I'm lazy.
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It's alright I have lost many files from computer issues involving original files. It's still good, though.
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Great tutorial, but I think the tone is awkward. You don't need to call people idiots or sad. Now, I understand that you probably don't mean it literally, but it really feels wrong to me. Someone mentioned that art thieves deserved to be addressed like this, but I disagree, mainly because there are two types of art thieves, those who know they're stealing and those who don't. The former may be said to deserve to be called idiots, but your tutorial isn't for them, they're not going to suddenly reform because of this. The latter are the ones who need this tutorial, and if they choose to read it, it means they're willing to learn. I personally wouldn't call these people idiots, not even jokingly. Don't let this ruin an otherwise very clear and helpful tutorial. =)
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Funny you should mention the education part, recently had a discusssion with someone on that :slow: [link]
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really helpful!
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Yay! Someone who isnt afraid to talk just the way art theives need to be talked to!!
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Thank you for uploading this. Education is always a good thing, and hopefully this'll help people think twice before they rip off stock artists. I would even go so far to say that stock artists should link back to your rules so people can't say they didn't know about them. Thaks to you, now we do.

good job! ^_^
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*Favs* I credit people but I never understood what CC was, but after reading this I've learned something new tonight :)
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I've also been seeing a LOT of people uploading pictures of celebrities/fashion shows/famous people like they took the photo >_> or did some minor edit like change the color of the person's eyes :iconfacepalmplz:
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Sorry I'm going to have to agree with Gamekiller48, this is a great idea, and I concur wholeheartedly that people on DA really need to learn how not to steal and when to give credit, so your heart is definitely in the right place...

But what you said about Creative Commons is incorrect, and telling people to give credit one the one hand, then giving them false information about CC with the other is just unhelpful.
When people use Creative Commons, they pick one of the options to tell people what they can and can't do with a piece. This can be anything from "share this piece with your friends but don't change it at all, and link back to me" to "you can do whatever the heck you like with this piece, and don't even need to credit me".
>.< I hope people don't seriously think that they can do what they like with CC works after reading this tutorial...
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Thank you very much for the correction. I'll fix it. :)
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