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An Idiot's Guide to Animating

My wonderful entry for the Video Tutorial Contest! :eager:

I covered most of what's explained here once before in , but I like to to think I've improved since then. For instance, back then I used Vista. *shudder*.

This lovely little guide is 9:30 in leagnth, just barely under the 10min mark. :slow: It explains the finite basisc of Animation with Photoshop CS3 Extended and above.

You are required to have the Extended version of Photoshop CS3 or above to use these techniques! I do not know how animating in ImageReady works, so please don't ask!

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CONGRATS YOU A WINRAR. :iconeeeeeplz:
KageNoNeko-Maat's avatar
Watching this has given me the courage to try to animate in Photoshop.
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que programa usas para hacer este tipo de animaciones?
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I don't speak spanish. :slow:
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oh i am sorry what program you use to make moving avatars? or animation? whatever you want to call ^ ^;
JRCnrd's avatar
As it says in the artist's comments and the tutorial, I use Photoshop CS5 Extended.
mentalinda97's avatar
oh, thanks:) but do not get to see ^^;
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:pat: Perhaps you should try watching and reading next time. :B
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jejeje i am sorry
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we all mistakes. it's what makes us human. :dummy:
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LOL bored :3 your voice is adorable mate also great tutorial!! XD
babbletrish's avatar
Thanks for this helpful tutorial!
FantasyStock's avatar
Thanks for entering the contest!! I really appreciate it.
XxCherryBisousxX's avatar
thx for the useful info :P ive been trying to collaberate something from my previous work that i never posted to enchance and attract more viewers as upon animation :) btw lmao for the start bar thing >:D
JRCnrd's avatar
start bars are so silly :iconteheplz:
XxCherryBisousxX's avatar
lmao 8-) dam u start bars!~ :d
Miss-Jazzmatazz's avatar
lol love this tutorialXD
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Useful tutorial video, but it needs more show to match the tell. There were several alternatives, options and functions listed but not demonstrated. I found these parts confusing when mixed in with the basic how to. A series of shorter more specific videos might be less confusing to some people.
JRCnrd's avatar
Thanks for the input. :B
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My teacher wants me to do a little lesson on animation in photoshop and this helped me a lot, much more time saving then what I had going. Thanks a lot and great tutorial. :D
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