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Hulk vs. Superman

Pencils and inks by Mike Deodato Jr.-colors by me-I tried a few new techniques I have picked up recently. Enjoy!
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I'm going to make a blog regarding this; can I cite your picture? I'll mention the link.
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Marvel and DC should work together and make a movie about this.
pokefreak18's avatar
they did make a comic. Supes won.
Orumon's avatar
Two infinite beings. Once they both get going they cannot be stopped.
KevinArtSeeker's avatar
My money is on superman. C'mon Supes, kick his ass. You're victory will make me rich! (And broke as hell if he looses)
IncHlk's avatar
Regardless the Marvel DC crossover or team up or whatever they called it 20 years ago. The IncHlk is the strongest there is was and will always be!!! Great job on the artwork!!!
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yep. the hulk is definitely the strongest. My only worry would be if Superman starts using his brain and being really smart about his attacks (which he rarely is, since I've got the impression that he is of average human intelligence) because then Hulk is in trouble.

Let's hope that Superman will never have the brain of Tony Stark.
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I think Hulk should be Goku.
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Love Hulk, but Superman is the single most overpowered hero EVER. Awesome artwork, the flow is brilliant and very powerful.
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As much as I love the hulk superman has like almost every superpower ... So he would win this but it won't be an easy fight .
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I am a Marvel fan and I hate DC and as much as I hate to say it superman is overpowered and he should be able to beat hulk easily
JeanJam's avatar
The anger debate does not work. Psychologists say there are 7 levels of anger

Number zero (0) – feeling angry subconsciously but not demonstrating it
Number one-half (0.5) – anger shown through subtle clues
Level One (1) – Displeasure is shown without blame
Level Two (2) – A little more displeasure to elicit a response
Level Three (3) – Anger with a scowl or harsh words
Level Four (4) – Anger with loudness of speech and expression
Level Five (5) – Losing temper and getting into a rage; aggression

So hulk does just get angrier and angrier. He gets thus angry and that's it. Hulk is a brainless powerful man. He can jump and destroy like crazy, but Superman is a smart strong man with heat vision, cold breath, flies, and if you ever noticed, he also gets stronger when he gets angry. The Hulk turns back into his human form once he gets beat up to unconscious. My prediction is that superman would have a tough fight but at the end he would knock the Hulk to unconscious.
KevinArtSeeker's avatar
You do know the Hulk gets stronger when he gat's angrier, right?
Pikazilla1956's avatar
And a nice guy like Superman is going to piss Hulk off to that extreme?
KevinArtSeeker's avatar
On second thought, you have a point. Instead of trying to beat him up to a pulp, he'll try to calm him down and protect him from General Ross. Unless Ross turns into the Red Hulk and fights Superman!
EddyxMarvoloxRiddle's avatar
There is one other argument people use aside from the anger thing. They use the whole Sentry thing. Sentry is basically MARVEL's Superman or something like that. Therefore, fans use the whole ABC logic.

Sentry=MARVEL's Superman, therefore Sentry=Superman

Hulk beat Sentry, therefore Hulk > Superman.

I don't think they realize and/or wish to accept that ABC logic does not work in comics at all.
JeanJam's avatar
That argument is also flawed.

Sentry is not Marvel's Superman. If anything, he is like a SuperBOY who has great powers but the mind of a boy. According to Marvel's official biography of him, he has little fighting skills. Superman In different comic books and tv shows has been able to carry 200 quintillion tons (and his strength has no limits, the more yellow sun energy the stronger he gets), he he can make holes in reality with his energy, he has travelled 5.9 billion km/h meaning he can get to the sun from earth in two minutes whereas Sentry goes to the sun in eight minutes. Hulk can get from school to McDonald's in a minute lol. Superman can survive multiple supernovas with 10 octillion megatons of force.

The fact that sentry also gains powers from the sun is a low blow copy of superman. Sentry didn't use his full powers to fight Hulk anyways. Even if the hulk did "beat" Sentry, Sentry is not equal or stronger to Superman.

Again, anger has a limit. Hulk is not a worthy opponent for Superman.
EddyxMarvoloxRiddle's avatar
I know that the argument is flawed, I'm merely stating that it is yet another argument that Hulk fanboys love to use in their favor. I'm not the biggest Superman lover in the world, as I grew up mainly with Batman due to my dad being a huge fan of the character, but I will concede that Superman is pretty awesome in his own right.

People tend to think that Hulk's whole anger thing makes him invincible, yet they forget that Superman at his base is stronger and faster than Hulk. Supes is also many times smarter, in fact he has super intellect, however it gets downplayed a lot in order to allow other characters to not be outshone by him more than they already are. Supes is also wiser and much more experienced.

Not to mention the fact that if anyone has an infinite or almost infinite power source/power up it would have to be Superman due to the fact that he lives on Earth, which has a yellow sun. People also forget that Supes has shown his resilience to kryptonite before, in fact I believe that Kingdom Come Superman wasn't affected by it at all. Superman's feats are amazing really, I mean even in the New 52, he's already shown that he can lift the Earth's weight for a full week away from sunlight, and he still didn't reach his max, which is pretty incredible considering that everyone though this New 52 Supes would be weak as fuck. However, I believe that many forums are placing the New 52 Superman's level between Silver Age and Post Crisis.
JeanJam's avatar
Exactly. Hulk is awesome, but not near as powerful as superman.
EddyxMarvoloxRiddle's avatar
Of course, I mean we are talking about a Green monster going against a guy who at his most powerful state sneezed away a solar system, held black holes in his hands, created super powers out of his arse, and punched a whole through reality, let's also not forget that at his base he has planet moving/busting abilities as well, but if he goes into the sun's core and absorbs that energy...well, good luck universe.
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