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Sylveon Sprite (Finally)

Ok, I think I've gotten better at spriting, but I'm not 100% sure about the shading though, if it looks off, I'm sorry, I tried to get it as close to Ken Sugimori's art as I could
(… )

Anyways If you guy think of anything I could Improve on please tell me and also Sylvachu is comming!

:police: WARNING, Don't Use, this is owned by Me :police:

Spanish: ADVERTENCIA: No usar, este es propiedad de mí

Chinese: 警告,请勿使用,这是我所拥有的

French: ATTENTION, ne pas utiliser, cela est possédée par moi

Italian: ATTENZIONE, non usare, questo è di proprietà di Me

Japanese: 警告は、使用しないでください、私はこれを所有して

Swedish: VARNING, använd inte, det ägs av mig

Turkish: UYARI, kullanın etmeyin, bu Me aittir

Pig Latin: ARNINGWAY, On'tday Useway, isthay isway ownedway ybay Emay

Thank You! :D

Also, If someone could help me, I would like to know how to get a transparent background, Please, I've been wondering this for a long time...
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Ooh, it looks really good!
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Well, thank you very much! :D

I worked really hard on it and it took me all day just to get it  right ^^;
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Your time spent on it paid off! It looks good enough for a 2D Pokémon game :D
jr322232223222's avatar
 Aww, :blush: that really means a lot, Thank You! Thanks for everything!