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Omgea Team

Okey dokey, since my red Nuzloke save file was destroyed, I decided to make a Fire Red Omega Nuzloke!

Here's my team:

Fishface the Sassy Male Swampert Lv 64
Geiko the Docile Female Sceptile Lv 62
Flamer the Timid Male Charizard Lv 62
Eon the Relaxed Male Umbreon Lv 62
Dennis the Adamant Male Gardevoir Lv 61
and one of my personal faves:
Sparky the Naive Female Pikachu Lv 39

Bolt the Modest Male Pikachu :'( Cause of Death: Misty's Starmie
KFC the Rash Male Combusken Cause of Death: Misty's Togetic
Batgirl the Mild Female Zubat Cause of Death: Wild Taillow
Leaf the Gentle Male oddish Cause of Death: Lt. Surge's Manectric (death foder)
Hugs the Calm Female Jynx Cause of Death: Hiker's Geodude
Proton the Rash Male Plusle  Cause of Death: Team Rocket Grunt's Kadabra
Robin the Docile Female  Gengar Lv 64 Cause of Death: Giovanni's Tyranitar
and again another on bites the dust...
Chuck the Gentle Male Hitmonlee Lv 40 Cause of Death Black Belt Koichi's Hitmonlee


Mixing up my team, tying to find the best last team member, I chose Chuck... WELL HE DIED (in the saffron gym I forgot about...)

Box still alive:
Buzzkill the Serious Shiny Male Beedrill Lv 38
Sonic the Bold Male Typlosion Lv 47
George the Bashful Male Blastoise Lv 46
Razor the Impish Male Venusaur Lv 55
Pinecone the Brave Male Forretress Lv 53
Drake the Gentle Male Dragonite Lv 55

Terri the Lonely Female Feraligatr Lv 55
Zack the Impish Male Xatu Lv 38
Goomba the Sassy Male Breloom Lv 64
Weed the Docile Male Maganium Lv 49
Delilala the Jolly Female Female Dugtrio Lv 38
Remy the Serious Male Raticate Lv 46
Albert the Hardy Male Snorlax Lv 55
Dats'Right the Rash Male Persian Lv 52
NyaNya the Lax Male Delcatty Lv 46
Otto the Naughty Male Girafarig Lv 54
Mrs. Piggy the Naive Piloswine Lv 54
Hootie the Adamant Female Noctowl Lv 38
Bubbles the Docile Male Masquerain Lv 38
Rex the Hardy Male Tyranitar Lv 64
Nutty the Lax Female Shiftry Lv 52
Boa the Relaxed Male Arbox Lv 38
Fuzzybutt the Quiet Female Furret Lv 38
Cyber the Hasty Porygon2 Lv 38
Mario the Brave Female Nosepass Lv 38
Balls the Hasty Electrode Lv 52
Queeny the Sassy Female Kingler Lv 38
Gary the Sassy Female Magcargo Lv 54
Kermit the Quirky Male Politoed Lv 50
Blowjob (don't ask) the Relaxed Weepingbell Lv 50
Kanga the Rash Female Kangaskhan Lv 39
Goliath the Quirky Female Quagsire Lv 23
Storm the Naive Male Castform Lv45
Jessie the Serious Female Lickitung Lv 34
Nessie the Modest Female Lapras Lv 44
Rainbow the Brave Male Kingdra Lv 56
Clammy the Hasty Male Shellder Lv 24
Spikey the Sassy Female Corsola Lv 38
Dash the Serious Male Rapidash Lv 45
Suggles the Gentle Female Ursaring Lv 44
Geochick te Naive Female Golem Lv 53
KFC II the Naive Moltres Lv 50
Thor the Jolly Raikou Lv 50
Dirtinator the Bashful Male Dunsparce Lv 46
Acid the Brave Male Gloom Lv 43
TootsMcGee the Hasty Suicune Lv 52 (funniest name 4 a suicine ever :D)
Sandy the Docile Male Swellow Lv 46
Queen Kong the Calm Female Slaking Lv 42
Quackers the Jolly Female Farfetch'D Lv 33
Tweety the Naive Female Pidgeot Lv 36
Play-Doh the Calm Ditto Lv 37
Vee the Jolly Male Eevee Lv 5
Scruffy the Lonely Entei Lv 62
Dang that took a while.....

Here's a question for you guys:

Do you think I could add any Improvements to my team with someone from the box?

Sorry its a huge jump in the story but I got crazy with playing and here I am.
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WEEGEEVIRUS9001's avatar
Is that really your omega team? Personally, I don't think so.
jr322232223222's avatar
Ok, I havn't updated it in a while. My team now is Snorlax, Charizard, Gardevoir, Meganium and Umbreon.
WEEGEEVIRUS9001's avatar
Have they reached the max level which in this case Lv. 100? By the way, what is Meganium and gardevoir's type? The others are snorlax=normal, Charizard= fire+flying and Umbreon=dark. Am I right?
jr322232223222's avatar
No actually, my gardevoir is 92, Snorlax is 91 and everyone else are 90. Gardevoir is a psychic type and meganium is a grass type, other than that you have the types right, I'm guessing you don't know a bunch about pokemon, do you?
WEEGEEVIRUS9001's avatar
Yes, But I did play pokemon. Do you still play?
P.S I got elite pokemon. All of them are at level 100 expect for mortles which is level 92 (It's one of the lengandary bird pokemon which is fire and flying type. I can't spell it's name).
the other pokemons are blastoises,water type, zapdos electric and flying type, articonco (Another lengandary bird pokemon which is ice and flying type and I also can't spell it's name) and mewtwo, physic type.
firefliethesunhero's avatar
my first shiny was the red gyarados sliver, number 2 was a clefairy in pokemon white 2 I have paied this many games that have shinies (pokemon):3
74815926300's avatar
My first shiny was a shiny Entei, I was playing pokemon snakewood and it just popped up out of nowhere. I also didn't have any pokeballs.
jr322232223222's avatar
Oie... If that happened to me I would have cried... :(

Did you get to find any other shinnies to make it up?
74815926300's avatar
Nope, I have never found another shiny. I don't know why though, I have played pokemon for countless hours and yet no shiny. :(
jr322232223222's avatar
Oie... hey, If I'm not mistaken...shouldn't you have found a shiny Aerodactyl in pokemon snakewood?
74815926300's avatar
Yeah, but it has the same principal as the Red Gyrados in pokemon sliver or gold. Its not luck based on finding it so its not as fun.
jr322232223222's avatar
Yeah your right I does drain the fun out of it when they did that.

Well, good luck trying to find one I guess.
TheFakemonMaster's avatar
never seen a shiny BUT on Sapphire, I once encountered a Tentacool with GREEN spots: not lying/joking here, being serious.
jr322232223222's avatar
errrr.... sorry to break it to you bud, but a shiny Tentacool has green spots...
jr322232223222's avatar
TheFakemonMaster's avatar
SarcasmInc's avatar
I haven't seen a shiny. Well, not without cheats.
AcrotianMagic's avatar
Can't quite remember my first shiny. It was either a Pidgey in Platinum or a Magikarp in Emerald.
jr322232223222's avatar
Cool, either way, they're both awesome flying types when they're fully evolved.
doubled32's avatar
First one I ever encountered was a shiny Loudred in Ruby (besides the red gyarados of course), though when I first saw it, I thought that it was a Pinkan Pokemon, like from the anime's Orange Island saga. I ended up trading it for something else though.
jr322232223222's avatar
Nice! Beedrill was my first, but online my first was either a shiny deino or a shiny geodude.
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