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Lerayos: My entry for blackwing2s 4th Evo Contest

Lerayos (Leo + Rayo [Spanish for ray] + s ['cause it sounds cool])
The All Seeing Pokemon
Final evolved form of shinx
Evolved form a Luxray at max anger at night (basically 0 happiness)
50% Male, 50% Female
Ability: Everlasting Stare (Harshly Lowers the opponents Special and Physical Attack upon switch ins and outs) 
[Lets me explain its ability, Like intimidate it will activate when it is switched in, it will also activate when the opponent switches out into another pokemon, that pokemon's attacks and special attack will be sharply cut. It will activate again when Lerayos is switched out {kinda like pursuit} so it will render its opponent helpless except if the opponent has either swords dance or nasty plot.) 

Hidden Ability: No Guard (All of its and its foe's attacks hit no matter what.)
Height: 6'11" 
Weight: 620 lbs 

Special Attack: 155
Special Defense:94
Speed 150

Lerayos is a very aggressive Pokemon and is master of the plains. It's large pointed ears give it phenomenal hearing. It's said it can hear a pin drop form over 10 miles away. 

Lerayos has even greater eye sight, it can even see through its opponent and even see not only their insides, but their weak spots. However, it can not, nor needs to, blink because it does not have eye lids.

Its can make it's fur stand on end by transmitting electrical through its cells, but the most electrical power it has is in its tail. Its tail can hold over 1.21 Gigawatts of electricity that it uses to paralyze its foes. (That's why it looks scruffy, because it is full of electricity)

(If you get that reference, I will give you a virtual bear hug!)

It was said that along time ago, that the strongest man on earth had to kill one of these Pokemon as one of his 12 trials.

Attacks ('cause I want to)

Starting: Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Ice Fang, Super Power, Electric Terrain, Tackle, Leer, Charge
5: Leer
9: Charge
13: Spark
18: Bite
23: Roar
28: Swagger
36: Thunder Fang
44: Crunch
50: Scary Face
58: Discharge
66: Wild Charge
70: Electric Terrain
72: Thunder
78: Volt Tackle
84: Zap Cannon

I hope yalls like it :D

The journal for the contest is right here ->… <- So if you want to join you can send in something by January the 28th and the winner will get that Pokemon in the B2 nuzlocke AND a premium membership for a month! (Honestly I skipped over this part when entering but I'm glad I saw it!) And Second and Third will be mentioned in the comic as well, so Enjoy!
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Well, better than anything I can do
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Huh... Looks like I've got both Hercules AND the Lion entering the competition! XD
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Who will win? Only time will tell! XD