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Entry Number Dos for blackwing2s 4th Evo Contest

Zenndra (Zennyo Ryūō [a rain-making dragon form Japanese legend] + dragon
Water/Dragon type
The Storm Pokemon
Final evolved form of Horsea
Evolved from Kingdra when level up near the mossy rock when it is raining
50% male 50% Female
Abilities: Swift Swim/ Sniper, Hidden Ability: Mega Launcher
Weight: 447 lbs.

Hp: 165
Attack: 185
Defense: 185
Sp. Attack: 185
Sp. Defense: 185
Speed: 175

Total:1,080 (Yeah, this thing is a MONSTER!)

Zenndra spends most of it's time sleeping. However, at full strength, this Pokémon can create a whirlpool strong enough to destroy and entire continent.

Alternate Pokedex:
Zenndra was worshiped in ancient people because it's yawn could bring an 80 day rain storm. If anyone angered this Pokémon, it would cause enough rain to flood an entire continent.


Whirlpool, Aura Sphere, Water Pulse, Dragon Pulse, Yawn, Water Gun, Smokescreen, Leer, Bubble
4: Smokescreen
8: Leer
11: Water Gun 
14: Focus Energy
18: Bubble Beam
23: Agility
28: Twister
35: Brine
45: Hydro Pump
53: Dragon Dance
62: Dragon Pulse
71: Outrage

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That's... Stronger than Arceus...
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Yeah, it's supposed to be kind of overpowered ^^;