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I really don't know what is going on with my country at the moment, well, my country's parliment anyway. So, for those of you who haven't been keeping up with Britain's withdrawal from the European Union (a.k.a Brexit) on the news, a quick summary of what has happened since the start of this year. The British Prime Minister Theresa May had negotiated a deal for Britain to leave the EU but (and I'm going to grossly oversimplify here) retain close ties on trade and keep the boarder between the UK and Ireland open in Northern Ireland (Northern Ireland is part of the UK, whilst the Republic of Ireland is part of the EU and there has been pretty much no boarder between the two since the 90's due to something called The Troubles which you probably should look up if you want to know more because I don't have time to cover all of it right now and would probably be very bad at it, but safe to say, a closed boarder between Ireland and Northern Ireland would cause a whole heap of trouble). However, Eurosceptics in parliment say that this deal would basically leave the UK as a EU vassal state, following all of the rules and having none of the privilages and that we should just cut all ties and close the boarder. Meanwhile, Remainers agree that the deal leaves the UK tied to the EU without any real say in how it's run, but think that we shouldn't leave because of the economic impact of doing so (around the time I heard estimates that a UK withdrawal with no deal would shrink the economy by 8%, a withdrawal under May's deal would shrink it by 3%, using the UK's performance as part of the EU as a baseline). As part of the process, the Prime Minister couldn't adopt here deal without having it approved by the majority of parliment. So, Theresa May's deal was voted on by parliment and it lost. So she was sent away to try and get some assurances from the EU on certain parts of the deal (transition periods and how long the Irish Boarder would need to stay open for) and once she got those, the deal went to parliment again. And lost.
And then parliment decided to collectively lose their minds.
In the last week, the UK parliment has voted against: leaving the EU without a deal, finding any other alternative method of getting a deal and holding another referendum on leaving the EU. Which leaves us with what options exactly? The Prime Minister has been sent back to the EU to ask for an extension to the negotiating period, but they said last week that they'd only give one if there was a clear plan of action and I can't see one.
So what is going on here? Well basically, nothing here is clear cut. There isn't one party that unanimously supports Brexit and one that doesn't. The Conservatives (who are the party in power, though they don't have a majority- The British Parlimentary system is complicated) are lead by a Prime Minister who was Pro-Remain during the referendum, but are being steered by a very vocal minority of hardline Anti-EU members (such as Jacob Reese-Moog, who is essentially an American Conservative, which puts him on the Far-Right of British politics, he's anti-immigration, anti-LGBT rights, anti-abortion and very up his own ass) who obviously do not want any relationship with the EU and favour a no deal Brexit, therefore voting down anything the Prime Minister bring to the table that might involve having a relationship with the EU. Meanwhile Labour (the main opposition party) have a very vocal section that are Pro-Remain and this is much larger and more noticable than the Conservative Pro-Remain section. But Labour as a party is not against Brexit. Why? Well that would be down to Jeremy Corbyn, Labour Leader and old fashioned Socialist. He appears to be playing a game on Brexit, making his position as unclear as possible because he wants to have a General Election and get into power. Now, Labour made a lot of gains in the last election because they were used as a protest vote by the Pro-Remain section of the British Public and Cobryn would, I assume, very much like to keep those votes, so he can't be seen as too pro-Brexit. But a lot of traditionally Labour voting areas voted heavily in favour of Brexit in the referendum, so he can't be seen as too pro-Remain either. So Labour won't support a Remain based policy nominally even though a large majority of their members would support it, meanwhile the Conservatives are split between those who want to support the Prime Minister and the hardliners. It's a mess, a great big steaming mess. And the whole of the UK is being dragged through that mess.


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