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So, Game Freak have just announced the first Pokemon games for the switch as being Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee and... I'm actually not as hype as usual about it. I mean, I was hype whilst watching the trailer, but as soon as that trailer stopped, so did the hype. But, it's new Pokemon games so let's go talk about them.
First up, as the names suggest, these games are the "Pokemon Go connectivity" games. They're not "main series" rpgs like Sun/Ultra Sun & Moon/ Ultra Moon were, these are spin off games. That's cool. Game Freak have announced new games are on the way in late 2019, so these are just a tide over and, to give them the props, this looks like a pretty cool tide over. I never cared about Pokemon Go at all. I liked the idea in concept but when I saw it in action I was just like "nope, not for me". And they're involving a lot of mechanics from Go (most obviously the catching mechanism) into these games, so I'll reserve judgement on those until the games come out, because for me those could make or break the games. Oh and the names are clunky af, just throwing that out there.
Secondly, and this is my only real big negative about the games. Once again, it's Kanto. I'm kinda fucking sick of Kanto. You know, it was cool going back to Kanto in Gold and Silver, hell it was awesome (even if the entire region was underleveled as fuck). It was cool going back to Kanto it Fire Red/ Leaf Green, because it was like 10 years since gen 1 and a completely new system with new graphics. Hell, it was fine going back to Kanto in Heart Gold/ Soul Silver, because it was a gen 2 remake and that was a big part of gen 2, plus it was a new system and new graphics. And then X & Y put a lot of emphasis on the gen 1 starters being in the game, with those being what you get from the professor rather than the actual regional starters, plus them gettting megas (2 in Charizards case) and then you could find all of the gen 1 legends in Kalos (Mewtwo getting 2 un-needed megas). But those got aleviated somewhat by Omega Ruby/ Alpha Sapphire coming along and giving Hoenn some shine (and out un-nessescary-ing Mewtwo on the whole super buffed legend front) And then you had Sun and Moon introduce Alolan Forms for Kanto Pokemon, and it was kinda cool, because it made some old Pokemon got a new lease of life. But then with USUM it became clear it was only going to be Kanto Pokemon to get that treatment (also, why is Charizard the fly 'mon when it's not native to Alola), plus of course you had Samson Oak, the return of Red and Blue (the characters). Then, you had the virtual console rereleases of Red/ Blue/ Yellow for your nostalgia trip and Gold/ Silver/ Crystal if you felt the need to run through Kanto in overlevelled mode again. And of course, Pokemon Go launching as Kanto only. Sure they added more regions over time (Johto and Hoenn so far), but that's an awful lot of Kanto, and brings me to another point. Pokemon Go has reached Hoenn now, but Let's Go seems to be only Kanto so far. So it's out of sync with Go already? I'm assuming that you're going to be able to transfer post-gen 1 Pokemon to Let's Go, but it does seem kinda awkward for that to be a one way street in that regard. Oh well.
So, yeah, with that out of the way, the positives. Well, at the moment there's that one thing people have wanted for ages, Pokemon following you, that's cool. And they went one step further by making you able to ride Pokemon in the overworld, again, cool. The style they've gone for looks fantastic and I like the idea of seeing catchable Pokemon in the overworld, we'll just have to wait and see on the catching mechanics though. They've implemented local co-op, which is nice (if like 15 years late, they should really be onto like an mmorpg for a side game or at least online co-op, rather than finally doing local after 20 years), but then again I always liked doing the solo capaigns of games, well, solo, unless they're explicitly built otherwise. So yeah, cool addition, bit late and bit meh for me, but nice to have the option finally. What else? Well, it's not a straight Yellow remake, so you'll be able to evolve Pikachu (which is always a plus) and Eevee (which is always a must) and there's a brand new unannounced Pokemon set to be introduced in the games (which a lot of people are assuming is going to be a new Eeveelution, which'd be cool).
Yeah, I don't want to sound like I'm having a downer on the games, I am genuinely excited for them. I will be playing Eevee version first (I always get both games, which is going to be super annoying/ expensive now that the series is on the switch) and I already know my team (pending any future reveals), it's just I think I'd be more hyped if it was a) not so heavily Pokemon Go and b) set in it's own side region (like Col/ XD were in Orre) rather than a rehash of Kanto again. But hey, this one isn't for me, that much is obvious. I like competitive Pokemon and seeing what new things the company can come up with when creating new Pokemon, the new designs, the new typings, the new movepools and the new stat spreads. My games are coming out next year and I'm fine to wait. Like I said, these games are going to be pretty cool tide overs before Gen 8. Plus, this will be pretty good for all of the players who came back to the series with Go, or who first started because of it, so I can't begrudge that.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I forgot about Team Rainbow Rocket being in USUM. Now you can say "oh but that had all of the evil team leaders in so it wasn't genwunner pandering". Yeah, but I don't see it being called Team Rainbow Aqua, or Team Rainbow Plasma do you? You fight a load of Rocket Grunts and have the final battle against Giovanni, whom all of the other team leaders are cannon fodder for.


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