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The leader of the Lion Guard

Here is a drawing of adult Kion, with the Lion Guard upcoming I had to made this. 

Kion (c) Disney
Art (c) Me
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Kion in season 3 is going to have a scar

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This is probably the best fanart of adult Kion i ever seen, Nice job!
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Can you do the update because,
The lion guard screen shot by Capricornfox
The Lion Guard Season 3 Promo Picture (1) by Jrechani18
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Totally see Muffy in this boi! Mufasa icon 
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Oh my gosh Telenet uses this picture on my tv! I might post a picture of it.
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Can you make Adult Lion guard? Like Beshte

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He's an exact reflection of his father
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Or his grandfather to be exact 
He look so much like his dad.
Wow Kion looks great all grown up!
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Adult Tiifu & adult Zuri?…
The years roll by.
But a hundred years to|a steadfast heart are but a day.
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Adult Kion looks much the mix between of Simba and Mufasa.
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This is probably the first time someone's captured his proper expression :D
Really awesome!
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I sure will move on to the grown up Arc for the Lion Guard.
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This is my FAVORITE adult Kion design! He looks like Mufasa and Simba but he still has that mane style which is one of my mane (see what I did there) things to look for in adult Kion designs. I love how you kept his character. He's a regal adult but he still has that "Kion face" if you will. It also fits in with the Lion King world. Great piece, great job!
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Thank you :) 

I like his mane 
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is this from the actual show?
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Not his adult version, no
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But that is King as a adult right?
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