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:iconjqroxks21:JQroxks21 posted a status
Fifteen favorite Characters from Dragonball Z

1. Goku (The Main Character and strongest Z Warrior that we deserved. What else can a good hero do? By saving the world and fighting stronger opponents.)

2. Gohan (Despite his calmness and anger, Gohan is well gifted Sayian and he has his strength from his father. Any bad guys mess with his wife and family, you don't want to push his limits.)

3. Piccolo (Intelligent, Strict and has Kami's Knowledge. Piccolo is the strongest Namek and can regenerate his own injuries.)

4. Vegeta (Proud Sayian Prince. Though he is arrogant and driven by his pride, Vegeta is a powerful Sayian warrior. And he's a good father to 2 kids.)

5. Android 18 (Don't let her sexy looks get to you, she is one dangerous android you do not want mess with.)

6. Videl (The Daughter of Hercule and Gohan's wife. She is a really good Martial Artist and not afraid to hold back. She's better than her father. And she loves to spend time with Gohan.)

7. Trunks (A brave Sayian who is the son of Bulma and Vegeta. Trunks is from the future to stop Androids. Kid Trunks on the other hand is funny and wants to be really strong just like his dad.)

8. Goten (A Cheerful Sayian who looks just like his father Goku. He is Gohan's little brother and he is really funny just like Goku was when he was little.)

9. Dende (The New Guardian of the Earth at Kami's Lookout. Dende is a gifted Namek which he has the power of healing.)

10. King Kai (This goofy Martial Artist Teacher has good sense of humor because he is comedian. You can't find a good Martial Arts teacher like King Kai. He'll teach you all sorts of things.)

11. Bulma (A tech whiz who is the Daughter of Dr. Brief at Capsule Corp. Bulma is a good mother to Trunks and Bra. She even makes Sayian combat armors.)

12. Chi Chi (A feisty woman who is Goku's wife. Though she can be bossy sometimes, Chi Chi has a good heart and for the love of her husband and 2 sons.)

13. Mr. Popo (The Peddler at Kami's Lookout. He is totally awesome!)

14. Android 16 (A Silent Android created by Dr. Gero, 16 loves life but it was sad to see him killed by Cell. He is a strong Android and he is really nice.)

15. Krillin (Nervous, paranoid and warm-hearted. This migit is feisty fighter and married to Android 18.)

Ten Favorite Villains

1. Cell (The Best Villain Ever.)
2. Broly (The Legendary Super Sayian. He is a lot dangerous than Doomsday.)
3. Frieza (This Space Lizard drives me nuts.)
4. Dabura (King of Demons. This demon is a damn good warrior.)
5. Majin Vegeta (Controlled by Babidi, The Dark Prince is back!)
6. Super Buu (Watch out for him, he'll turn you into chocolate.)
7. Dr. Gero (He is responsible for creating the Androids all because Goku destroyed his Red Ribbon Army.)
8. King Piccolo (The dark side of Kami.)
9. Bojack (This Demon is a lot stronger than King Piccolo.)
10. Cooler (Frieza's older brother. He's a tricky one.)

Ten hateful villians

1. Spopovitch (This villain pissed me off when he almost killed Videl. That pissed Gohan off too!)
2. Garlic Jr. (Ugh I hate him too because he's annoying!)
3. Android 19 (He almost talks like Chiaotzu.)
4. Recoome (This villain is extremely gay.)
5. Guldo (Weakest memeber of the Giynu Force.)
6. Dodoria (He's fat. And works for Frieza too.)
7. Babidi (Damn Annoying Wizard. I hate it when he released Majin Buu out from his chamber.)
8. Nappa (Impatient Sayian. Funny he is named after Napa Auto Parts.)
9. Emperor Pilaf (The First villain in Dragonball who drived me nuts.)
10. Yamu (Well... he is not bad a Spopovitch, but he does pisses me off too.)

And last but not least, the worst character in Dragonball Z I really hate is Yamcha! He's nothing but a wannabe playboy and tries to mimic the Z Fighters. And he's the weakest fighter as well.

Devious Comments

Str8muscle Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2017
Could have given a little more info on Frieza like how he's the driving force behind the series for blowing up Planet Vegeta, angered Goku into being a super Saiyan, his sadistic nature, and overall being one of anime's most evil villains.  One crossover I myself would like to see.  Frieza teaming up with the Joker.
JQroxks21 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Yeah but I didn't felt like it. I'm sure you understand.
Str8muscle Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2017
I'm okay with that, but what if Frieza finds out?
JQroxks21 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Don't worry, let Goku send an energy blast at him.
Str8muscle Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2017
Okay then!
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