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:iconjqroxks21:JQroxks21 posted a status
My top 10 Action Shows.
Today I am going to share you my top 10 Action Shows.

1. Spider-Man ( 1994) - This show is one of the greatest from Marvel. The theme song was composed by Joe Perry of Aerosmith & I thought Christopher Daniel Barnes did an excellent job voicing Spider-Man.

2. The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest- This show was based on the 1964 Jonny Quest Series which it was one of the greatest cartoon created by Hanna-Barbera. This show features 3 teenagers Jonny Quest, Jessie Bannon & Hadji Singh as they accompanied with Dr. Benton Quest & Race Bannon as they travel around the globe to encounter supernatural surroundings, Dangerous Villains & They go into the 3D cyberspace computer game called Questworld. All 52 episodes are on DVD.

3 . Dragon Ball Z- Always liked Dragon Ball Z as Sayians like Goku fight evil and saving the planet from evil Villains such as Frieza & Cell.

4. Samurai Jack - Great Show. Can't wait for the new season to come out this year.

5 . X-Men Evolution - This show was awesome just like the 90s version. This show features Cyclops, Jean Grey, Rogue, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat ( Kitty Pryde ) & Spyke as teenagers as they use their Mutant powers for the good of humanity & face evil from the tyrant Magneto along with Mystique, Sabertooth & The Brotherhood.

6. Teen Titans - This show is awesome. I just wish they wouldn't made that crappy Teen Titans Go. They just totally ruined the originals. Features 5 superheroes Robin ,Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven & Cyborg.

7. Thundercats - Thundercats Ho! I just love saying that. Another great show from the 80s.

8. SWAT KATS : The Radical Squadron - This was another great show from Hanna-Barbera. As T-Bone ( Chance Furlong ) & Razor ( Jake Clawson ) uses their jet called the Turbokat to save Megakat City from the evil Villains such as Dark Kat, Dr. Viper, The Metallikats & The Past master along with the help of the Enforcers. Contains 26 episodes and 2 seasons which they are on DVD.

9 . X-Men (1992) - This was another great show from Marvel which it was based off from the comic books.

10. Batman the animated series - Yeah this show is great. Great voice acting which Kevin Conroy voiced Batman & Mark Hamill voiced Joker. Great show from the 90s.

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